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  • Reply to: Kanata North: Community demands that cut forest be fully restored   1 week 1 day ago

    A pre-trial is set for November 27th at 1:30 in Courtroom 2 at Constellation Drive.

  • Reply to: Philadelphia aiming to be "Greenest City in America"   2 months 1 week ago

    Access the Urban Infrastructure Initiative's Final Report from here.  (Full report, 92 pp., 6.2 MB; Summary, 16 pp., 3.3 MB)

    "The WBCSD established the UII to advance the urban sustainability agenda by showcasing the critical role that business can play as solutions providers and by providing a platform for collaborative strategic engagement between cities and business. The UII brings together 14 leading member companies ... with an array of knowledge and skills to help unlock opportunities for urban authorities to create cities that are more sustainable, efficient and livable.

    This multi-sector, multi-company group worked with the following leading cities: Turku (Finland); Tilburg (The Netherlands); Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Vadodara in Gujarat State (India) ; Yixing (China) ; Kobe (Japan) ; Guadalajara (Mexico) ; and Philadelphia (USA). In each city, the UII mobilized a multi-disciplinary team of company experts to work collaboratively with senior city officials. These teams took an integrated, cross-sector approach to analyzing the city’s major sustainability challenges and to developing an innovative “solutions landscape” (i.e., a portfolio of practical solutions) to address these challenges.

    This final report summarizes the work done in these cities and highlights the lessons learned and potential applications where the early collaborative engagement with business should be considered by cities. It makes a number of recommendations for cities, businesses and other key stakeholders to take this critical agenda forward. The WBCSD believes that the example of the UII and these recommendations can provide clarity and guidance on how cities and business can make early collaborative dialogue happen in practice to produce real benefits."

    E.D. - 14 August, 2014

  • Reply to: Kanata North: Community demands that cut forest be fully restored   2 months 2 weeks ago

    Metcalfe Realty and the City of Ottawa had a first court date about the treecutting in Kanata North on July 17.  The day before, Councillor El-Chantiry had forwarded an email from staff providing background and factual perspective.  At Provincial Court, the parties were represented by Messrs. Michael Polowin for Metcalfe and Stuart Huxley, a senior legal counsel at the City.  The case was put over to September 18.

    Mr. Polowin predicted that his client would plead not guilty if the case proceeds, arguing that the contractor was under explicit instruction not to cut any trees that were larger than 10 cm in diameter.  The Justice of the Peace denied his request for an Order that the City immediately disclose the facts supporting the charge, saying she is confident that the City will do so as soon as possible.

    Here is a report in the Ottawa Citizen by Carys Mills published the following day.

    E.D. 22 July 2014