Official Plan discussion papers (Oct 2007)

From the GA list, October 19, 2007:

At the Planning and Environment Committee meeting of October 23, 2007 City staff will table a series of discussion papers in preparation for the 2008 version of the Official Plan. They will be available at the Champlain Room at 9:30 a.m. and posted to the web site that day.

The papers’ topics are:

White Paper Topics (written by staff, no recommendations)

  1. Residential Intensification: Building More Vibrant Communities
  2. The Balance of Jobs and Housing in Orléans
  3. Compensation for Wetlands and Other Environmental Lands
  4. Moving Forward with Rapid Transit
  5. Addressing Ottawa’s Transportation Challenges
  6. Supporting Growth in Ottawa: Water and Sewer
  7. Development in the Greater Ottawa-Gatineau Area
  8. Climate Change and the Official Plan
  9. Ottawa’s Natural Environmental System: How Well is it Working?

Rural Papers (written by community-based working groups, with

1. Rural Settlement Strategy:

  • Village Development
  • Development Outside of Villages
  • Groundwater Resources: Their Wise Use and Protection
  • Planning Processes
  • Agriculture (ongoing)

Also re-announced are upcoming consultation events. First up is a Workshop on November 3, on Rural issues.

Amy Kempster has for the Alliance participated in crafting the section on Development Outside Villages.

Alliance members and friends are urged to participate in this workshop. City folk have a strong interest in seeing undesirable development in rural areas come to a halt. The workshop will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Confederation High School (corner of Hunt Club and Woodroffe), 1645 Woodroffe Ave. You are asked to register by October 31. Go to <<>>.

The complete list of dates as found in the staff report is:

Events, 2007

  • November 3: Rural Workshop – Follow up to March workshop to discuss papers prepared by community-based working groups.
  • November 9 : Off-site Council Session – Facilitated Discussion of White Papers.
  • November 24: City Cafe – Official Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Infrastructure Master Plan. Major kick-off event for OP, TMP and IP reviews. Key-note speaker followed by round tables on White Paper topics. Participants move around the room and build on previous groups’ discussion.
  • December 4: Transportation Master Plan – Technology-assisted workshop to confirm the Transportation Vision and the Planning Principles.

The full staff report is at

Erwin Dreessen

The Rural Settlement Strategy paper is here:  (revised, Jan 2009)

An additional White Paper, dated May 2008, on the potential for development of parts of the Greenbelt is here:  For more on this, including a rebuttal, go here.

An undated (2007?) White Paper on Climate Change and the Official Plan review is here.