Goulbourn Wetlands Complex

Judge orders restoration of wetland (April 2017)

Goulbourn Wetlands in the news (December 2018)

Thomas Cavenagh Construction Ltd. convicted (October 2019)


See also, from our Archives: Goulbourn Wetland Complex (2006-07)

And our Minutes of 29 January and 26 March 2018.

See also, on the City of Ottawa web site:

https://app06.ottawa.ca/calendar/ottawa/citycouncil/ara/2006/06-22/ACS2006-PGM-POL-0056%20-%20final.htm (June 2006)


https://app06.ottawa.ca/calendar/ottawa/citycouncil/ec/2005/05-24/ACS2005-PGM-POL-0035.htm (May 2005)