Annual General Meeting – 15 November 2000

Minutes of Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital

Annual General Meeting, November 15, 2000

Present: Erwin Dreessen, Barbara Barr, Albert Dugal, Bryan Hawley, Amy Kempster, Bill Royds, Mike Lascelles, Judy Lascelles, Barry George, Quentin Bristow, Mary Hegan, Dean Jones, George Wilson

Guests: Charles Billington, Ian Efford,

Regrets: Shelley Parlow, Sol Shuster.

Documents Circulated: Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting- Oct. 20, 1999; The Year in Review; proposed by-law amendments, brochures, membership form.


1. The Year in Review: Erwin Dreessen presented this document which was distributed and will be separately circulated.  Action: Erwin to circulate the document “The Year in Review.”

2. Charles Billington on “The Rideau River-Converging Issues11 : Mr. Billington gave a outline of some of the situations causing problems for the waterway: rising population, filling in of wetlands, large percentage of shoreline privately owned, etc. The aim of the Conservation Authority is the long-term health of the river environment. Recent cases of community based involvement which might help to stem further deterioration or improve the river include the Rideau River Roundtable, which has representatives of all stakeholders around the table from farmers, to developers to conservation groups (including the Greenspace Alliance). This group has come up with a prioritized list of 10 projects, which will start next spring. Another community based initiative is the Land Trust Working Group which intends to use the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation as its parent for the present.

3. New members: Barbara moved and Bill seconded that we accept as members the following persons: George Wilson, Quentin Bristow, Mary Hegan, Albert Dugal, Judy Lascelles, Dean Jones. Carried.

4. Approval of the minutes of 1999 Annual General Meeting: Barbara moved and Amy seconded that these minutes be approved. Carried.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Barbara presented the Treasurers report which showed a balance of $303.58 with outstanding expenses of our share of costs of Mayoral candidates debate still to be determined. Barbara moved and Bill seconded that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Carried.

6. Elections: Amy Kempster as the pro-tem nominating committee indicated that the following persons had agreed to stand as directors: Erwin Dreessen, Barbara Barr, Bryan Hawley, Amy Kempster, Mike Lascelles, Judy Lascelles and Bill Royds. George moved and Barry seconded that the named directors be accepted. Carried. Bill moved and Amy seconded that Erwin Dreessen be elected as Chair. Carried. It was agreed that Bill would be Vice-Chair, Barbara would continue as Treasurer and Judy volunteered to act as Secretary.

7. By-law amendments: Amy moved and Bill seconded that Article III, section 5 (membership-requirement to resign) and Article IV, section 6 b) (Board of Directors-vacation of the office of Director) be amended as proposed. Carried. New bylaw Article III section 5 now reads ” … provided that any such member shall be granted an opportunity to be heard at such meeting, and that 14 days’ notice is given of intent to hold such a vote.” (bold part added). Article IV, section 6 b) now reads: “if at a General Meeting of members a resolution is passed by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present that he or she be removed from office, provided that any such Director shall be granted an opportunity to be heard at such a Meeting and that 14 days’ notice is given of intent to introduce such a resolution.” (bold part added or changed).

Mike moved and Albert seconded that Article VIII section(formerly identified as clause 5) be amended as proposed. Carried. Article VIII, section 5 now reads: One-fifth (1/5) of the combined Group and Individual membership shall constitute a quorum at an Annual General Meeting. Three (3) Directors shall constitute a quorum at any other General Meeting.”

8. Other business:

a) Signing Officers: Barb moved and Amy seconded a resolution making any two of Erwin Dreessen, Barbara Barr, William Royds and Judy Lascelles the signing authorities for the Greenspace Alliance. See attached for detailed wording.

b) Time and Space for meetings: Members were reminded of the previously published schedule for meetings. It was noted that space at RMOC, given that it will be the new City Hall, may be less easy to obtain. To remind members of the schedule the meeting dates are noted below: The following were the proposed meeting dates for 2000/2001: Dec.13, Jan 17, Feb. 21, Mar. 21, Apr. 18, May 16 and Jun. 20.