Annual General Meeting of 20 November 2008

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 20 November 2008
Billings Room, City HaII


Members: Hugh Carter, Eric Cousineau, Al Crosby, Cheryl Doran (Chair), Erwin Dreessen, Barry George, Theresa Jobateh (Secretary), Amy Kempster, Daphne McCree, Joseph Potvin, Janice Seline, Sol Shuster, Mikelis Svilans, Chris Szpak, Juan Pedro Unger

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m.

Attendees were presented with the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group, to describe their roles and reasons for being Greenspace Alliance members.

1. Quorum:

It was determined that at least 1/10 of the total membership was present to establish a quorum as per Alliance by-laws.

2. Approval of the 2007 AGM Minutes:

Motion: Theresa Jobateh moved and Erwin Dreessen seconded to approve of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 2007. Carried.

3. Year End Report:

Cheryl Doran tabled the Year End report of Alliance activities for the period of November 2007 to November 2008.

Motion: Amy Kempster moved and Theresa Jobateh seconded to accept the Year End Report with changes to include: input to the City of Ottawa Master Plan; zoning; recognition of Joseph Potvin in the Ottawa-Gatineau Sports Ecologique Parc and Chelsea endeavours; members’ input on the inter-provincial bridge discussions; and input on the Transportation Master Plan. Carried.

Cheryl took a few minutes to personally thank the Directors leaving the board, remaining on the board and other members who have been active in issues throughout the year.

4. Treasurer’s Report:

Amy Kempster presented the financial statements for the year ending August 31, 2008.

Motion: Amy Kempster moved and Al Crosby seconded to accept with final adjustments by the reviewer. Carried.

5. Appointment of the Auditor /,,Reviewer,,:

Motion: Amy Kempster moved and Janice Seline seconded to re-appoint John Corey as the Reviewer for the upcoming year. Carried.

6. New Members

Erwin Dreessen moved and Amy Kempster seconded to approve Christel (Chris) Woodward as a new member. Carried.

Janice reported that there was a total of 30 paid members as of November 20, 2008.

7. Nominations and Elections:

a. Chair – Cheryl Doran
b. Returning Directors – Amy Kempster, Joseph Potvin, Barry George, Janice Seline, Chris Szpak, Sol Shuster
c. New Directors – Mikelis Svilans, Christel Woodward

were unanimously accepted.

8. Adjournment:

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.