Board Meeting – 11 August 2009

Friends of the Greenspace Alliance
Meeting of 11 August 2009
Cheryl’s place

Members present: Cheryl Doran (Chair), Christel Woodward, Janice Seline, Mik Svilans, Amy Kempster, Erwin Dreessen (note-taker), Sol Shuster (by phone)

Guest: Linda McCaffrey

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m.

1. Leitrim: The 29 July 2009 ERT Decision and follow-up

Attendees acknowledged the report out of last Friday’s meeting of the Friends of Leitrim Wetland, distributed yesterday. There were a few further questions for clarification.

Linda explained that there has been some preliminary discussion over the 3 points of appeal, and that she was hopeful for a negotiated settlement.

Cheryl brought up the diversion of Findlay Creek west of Albion Road, close to the Transport Canada lands. She drew attention to the 2007 find of a dead Snapping Turtle on Albion Road, halfway between where Findlay Creek reaches the road from the west and where the FC Extension has been dug further south to the east. It was agreed that concern about Species at Risk from the modification to the ditch along Albion Road could not be raised in the current appeal to the ERT.

Action: Cheryl will gather more facts about the issue, including approvals for removal of the culvert, retrieval of a letter from Transport Canada, and any impact on the Transport Canada portion of the wetland. This may then be used at a later time, to be determined when more information becomes available.

Motion: M/S by Christel/Mik that the appeal to the ERT on the three grounds allowed should be filed, in the hope of achieving a negotiated settlement. Carried with one dissent.

2. Debtor Examination of the Greenspace Alliance

The list of Directors of the past three years was confirmed.

3. Volunteer tasks at the Leitrim site

At present, until the ERT issues a decision on the extent of the Stay, no pumping from “Sources 2 and 3” (the Creek and the Swale) should go on at the site, except to divert water. Volunteers should keep a close watch on the site to see that there are no other signs of pumping going on. In yesterday’s email to the Friends of the Leitrim Wetland Ken McRae suggested to also check up on siltation and effectiveness of the erosion barriers of the Creek and around the Stormwater Pond east side of Bank Street. In all instances date-stamped photos should be taken.

Within 14 days of the issuance of a Notice about the appeal by the Tribunal, we have to supply names and addresses of all property owners within 120 metres of the “boundary.” It is not clear what this means in this case: What boundary, and do sales of lots qualify. (These would not make it to the Land Registry until the sale is closed with possession of the house.)

Action: Linda will inquire further with the Tribunal how this requirement can be met, possibly by compelling Tartan to provide the list of owners to us, in light of ongoing sales.

At this point Linda bade her goodbye.

Motion: M/S by Erwin/Christel that the Alliance greatly appreciates the hard work performed by Linda and the whole team at the Ecojustice Clinic, and the result achieved, in pursuit of protecting the Leitrim Wetland through this appeal of the developers’ Permit To Take Water (Leave to Appeal, Motion for Interim Stay, filing of the Appeal). Carried.

4. Membership in the Carp River Coalition

Mik had circulated a request to formalize membership of the FGA in the Carp River Coalition (CRC). Most Directors replied positively and none objected. Current members of the CRC also agreed.

Motion: M/S by Mik/Janice that that the Friends of the Greenspace Alliance confirm their membership of the Carp River Coalition. Carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.