Board Meeting – 27 August 2000

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital

Special meeting to address Administrative Matters

August 27, 2000

Present: Shelley Parlow, Erwin Dreessen, Barbara Barr, Bill Royds, Bryan Hawley, Amy Kempster

Regrets : Sol Shuster and Tony Denton

Documents Circulated: Minutes of previous meeting July 27/00.

1. Approval of the Agenda. The following changes were made to the Agenda: Add 6. c) Leamy Lake Park. Barbara moved and Erwin seconded that the revised Agenda be accepted. Carried.

2. Approval of circulated minutes (July 27/00). Bryan moved and Bill seconded that the circulated minutes of July’s meeting be Carried.

3. Urgent items or short announcements:

a) Mayoral Debate. Erwin reported that the Urban Stewardship Council, FCA and Transport 2000 would be co-sponsors. He will try to arrange a meeting in the next two weeks to do further planning. May get in touch with two main candidates before the meeting to find out dates available. May ask other groups to be sponsors but feels the committee will be large enough with the members so far suggested. ACTION: Erwin to call meeting to plan debate in next two weeks.

b) Progress on Poet’s Pathway proposal: Little progress has been made as unable to get in touch with Brian Gifford. ACTION: Bill and Erwin to meet with/without Brian Gifford.

c) status of Carleton Woods letter from GACC: Due to the fact that the university acted before a letter could be sent no letter was sent, although Shelley did write personally. Amy moved and Erwin seconded that a letter condemning the actions taken be sent to the President and the Board of Governors with a copy to the Alumni President. Carried. It was also suggested the letter be placed on our web site. ACTION: Shelley to draft letter and e-mail for approval. Webmaster to place on web site when approved.

d) status of work on Leitrim Wetlands: Bill reported that a (provincial) environmental assessment had been done but that a “bump-up” would be requested by the Friends of Leitrim Wetland. Bill moved and Bryan seconded that this draft letter be reworked into a GACC letter. Action: Bill to rework Friends of Leitrim Wetland “bump-up” letter for GACC.

4. Business Arising from previous minutes – Administrative matters:

a) Agenda format, consider adding “brought forward” file? It was agreed that the Agenda would be sent out by e-mail and additions requested and that at the meeting only urgent items would be added. Minutes would indicate actions to be undertaken between meetings and an item Business arising from the minutes would review these items. ACTION: Chair to e-mail Agenda; secretary to amend minutes format.

b) Meeting schedule for 2000-2001. The following were the proposed meeting dates for 2000/2001: Sep.14, Oct. 18, Nov. 15, Dec.13, Jan 17, Feb.21, Mar. 21, Apr. 18, May 16 and Jun. 20. ACTION: Secretary to arrange rooms for these dates.

c) Speakers (suggestions include Trish Trainor on possible impact of Leitrim Wetland development on North Castor Watershed; Marc Denhez from NCC; Charles Billington on Rideau Valley Conservation Authority). It was agreed that it was more realistic to plan for about two or three speakers during the year.  Trish Trainor was felt to be high on the list for the first arranged speaker. ACTION: Chair to arrange speaker perhaps for later in fall or January.

d) By-laws. These were e-mailed to members and posted on the web site. Only a few small editorial changes are needed and these should be brought forward at the AGM. ACTION: Erwin to prepare corrections as amendments for AGM.

e) Membership: The membership was reported at 19 individual and 8 group members.

f) Banking: Barbara will pursue getting a bank account. ACTION: Treasurer to set up a bank account.

g) External and internal communications: It was felt that the vicinities site was not working well but will be left for the moment.  It was suggested that members give comments re the system to the company.  ACTION: Members to comment on technical aspects of vicinities site to company.

h) Website (and status of volunteer website manager positions). Several names were forwarded and a description of the job e-mailed back.           Need computer type and from within the members an editor. ACTION: Bryan to pursue finding volunteers.

(i) Brochure: Bill moved and Erwin seconded accept brochure (as presented but with very minor editing) as final and arrange for printing. Bill to try to recruit a French translator. Amy to price printing. ACTION: Shelley to produce print ready copy, Bill to try for French translation, Amy to price.

6. New Business:

a) AGM and election of new Chair: It was agreed that the October meeting would be our AGM. Chair Shelley announced that for health reasons she did not wish to continue as chair. ACTION: Members to suggest names for Chair to a Nominating Committee.

b) Possible project: Compile list of credible experts available to comment on value of greenspaces.

c) Leamy Lake Park. Erwin felt we should get involved. It was suggested that the first step would be to obtain the environmental assessment report done for the NCC. ACTION: Erwin to obtain environmental report.

7. Next Meeting and location: Sept. 14, 7:30 p.m. Honeywell Room, RMOC.