Board Meeting – 3 February 2011

Friends of the Greenspace Alliance (FGA)

Meeting held at the RA Centre Fieldhouse Restaurant

3 February 2011

In Camera portion

(approximately 8:30 to 9:00 p.m.)

In attendance: Amy Kempster (chair), Sol Shuster, Janice Seline, Cheryl Doran, Ron Rancourt, Erwin Dreessen and Juan Pedro Unger (notetaker)

The following issues were discussed:

– Dealing with legal costs awarded by Divisional Courts to developers:  Options were discussed.  A majority decided to turn over FGA’s monetary assets to the creditors, re-incorporate and continue with the work of the Greenspace Alliance.

Action: Cheryl will ask Chris Szpak if he can lead the re-incorporation process.

– Costs incurred by Cheryl prior to the cost awards: They will be reimbursed, subject to delivery of receipts.  No new funds can be moved/paid/etc. after January 23rd, as per the court ruling.

– Continued participation in four hearings of OPA76 over the course of 2011

  1. Urban Boundary (Participant only – Feb)
  2. Flewellyn (Goulbourn wetland) (Party – Jun)
  3. Country Lot Estates (Party – May)
  4. Airport Lands Policies (Party – Sep)

Options were discussed. A majority decided to continue participating in these appeals, subject to further discussion of the Airport appeal in a separate meeting.

Action: Cheryl will call a meeting with Sol, Erwin and David Morrow on the Airport lands appeal.