General Meeting – 15 April 2010

Friends of the Greenspace Alliance
Minutes of the meeting of 15 April 2010
Conservation Co-op, Ottawa

Present: Joseph Potvin, Janice Seline
Guests: Edelweiss D’Andrea, Hugh Carter

This was an informal meeting with a discussion of the no-bridge networks – exchanges between groups opposing the building of another inter-provincial bridge. Hugh Carter outlined the problem. A new bridge is proposed in order to alleviate traffic in downtown Ottawa, in particular the truck traffic on King Edward Avenue. No other residential neighbourhood (Britannia, Rockcliffe-Manor Park, Orleans) wants the problem shifted to their area, but the problem remains as to how to relieve Lowertown’s burden. All proposed options have similar impacts on greenspace. Hugh Carter is actively proposing a tunnel solution for King Edward Avenue. Many people on both sides of the Ottawa River support this idea, in combination with improvements in public and freight transportation.