General Meeting – 15 June 2006

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital
Meeting Minutes for June 15, 2006

Location: Champlain Park Field House

In attendance: Bill Royds (Chair), Daphne McCree, Erwin Dreessen, Thomas Kapler, Chantal Vicha, Carol Gudz, Theresa Jobateh (Meeting recorder)
Regrets: J.P. Unger

1. Bill called the meeting to order @ 7:35 PM

2. Agenda – reviewed with additions, adopted by consensus.

Erwin provided background information on Lorne Peterson and Bill read a letter from Lorne and circulated the enclosed issue of the Audubon Naturalist News.

3. May 18 meeting minutes – discussions over Draft 2 as final. Erwin moved to approve the amended minutes. All approved.

4. Membership report – none.

5. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer was not present but other members contributed items:

– Theresa handed to Bill a cheque recently received by the Alliance. This is to help with costs for the KNL OMB hearing.

– To cover an outstanding bill of $1,600 from David White, Bill offered $1,000 “as a loan” until the Kanata Lakes Community Association can raise more funds to cover remainder of costs.

6. Business from minutes of May 18

a) Carp River Coalition update provided by Carol and Erwin

Action: Wait for EA and posting. Consider agreeing to developers proceeding with five projects in return for extending restoration of Carp River down to Carp Village.

b) Country Lot Estate OMB Hearing – Discussed approaches to the upcoming hearing (July 4).

c) As ordered by the OMB Member at the May 9-10 Environment Hearing, the City is now discussing with Erwin a definition of “adverse impact”, to be included in the Official Plan. Attendees agreed that the Alliance’s negotiating position is the definition found in the Official Plan of the Region of Waterloo.

d) Municipal Elections – Joint effort by Greenspace Alliance, Sierra Ottawa and various individuals aims to produce a voting score card for the incumbents and a questionnaire for all candidates. Jason Kania of the Sierra Club is leading this.

– Bill extracted the Minutes of all City Council meetings during the current term (2003-06), provided the file to Jason and has offered to make it searchable.

– Erwin provided an update about the group’s progress.

e) Leitrim Wetlands brief to P&E Committee on May 24th

Focus of the groups presenting was to at least protect two areas from development and to set up an independent panel to review doubts that have arisen over previous studies. Alex Cullen put forward the motion to the committee but it was voted down.

f)1501 Hunt Club road woodlot. Greenspace Alliance presented to leave at low density housing zoning.

Action: Bill to post the submission on the Web site or to the List.

g) Greenspace Master Plan amendments

Greenspace Alliance presented input to staff for wording changes and plans to speak on the issue June 27th. The GMP is improving coverage of urban greenspace but still requires work on Rural Natural Areas.

Action: Chantal and Thomas to watch the City web site for agenda and report, and inform other list members, this to see whether city staff has heeded our advice and to prepare comments.

h) Poets’ Pathway update – Past and coming events/articles:

– May 10- ARC readings at Beechwood. Daphne reports that it was successful and people suggested to do it every year.

– May 21 – McCarthy woods tour. Erwin reports that it was a successful, well-attended event and provided a write-up to the List.

– Chantal made a proposal for an article in the Alternatives Journal and will send a copy to the List.

– Thomas is working on a project related to “stewardship”, the Poets’ Pathway and how its ecological features can demonstrate a link between nature, literature and poetry.

– Erwin informs us that Janice Kennedy of the Ottawa Citizen will write a series of articles about the Pathway over the summer.

7. New Business

a) Resignation of Chair !!

Bill needs to step down as chair due to returning to work full time and family needs. He will give his official notice now, 30 days ahead of the next meeting. Carol expressed interest in taking over the meeting/administrative tasks involved in the Chair position. Motioned by Erwin. Seconded by Chantal.

b) Future Directions

Chantal expressed interest in reviewing the communication plan / strategy of the Greenspace Alliance as part of a PR course she is planning to take. All concurred this would be a useful exercise.

Action: Erwin will put Chantal in touch with J.P. Unger.

c) Poets’ Pathway as Charity

Erwin suggested that as a charity, the PP can receive funds from foundations and other charities, etc. He thinks PP could qualify. He submits the options that we register PP as a Charity or turn OLHS into a charity especially for PP needs. He will discuss with Steven Artelle, Director of OLHS (Ottawa Literary Heritage Society). Other members present unanimously agreed.

d) Daphne mentioned the intention to attend in Amy Kempster’s place at a meeting with Paul Dewar, M.P., on the subject of Greenspace.

8. Adjournment. At 10:07 Erwin moved to adjourn. All agreed.