General Meeting – 16 November 2006

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital
Minutes of the General Meeting of 16 November 2006
Honeywell Room, City Hall

Members: George Wilson (Chair), Chris Szpak (Secretary), Al Crosby, Cheryl Doran, Erwin Dreessen, Gert Dreessen, Carol Gudz, Theresa Jobateh, Daphne McCree, Joseph Potvin, Ron Rancourt, Bill Royds, Janice Seline, Juan Pedro Unger.

Meeting was called to order at 9:20 p.m. (following the adjournment of the Annual General Meeting 2006)

1. Adoption of the Agenda:
The following agenda was proposed and adopted:

a) Introduction of the new Alliance Chair, G. Wilson
b) Appointment of officers
c) Approval for payment of Metro ad
d) Time and venue for next monthly meeting
e) Protection of turtles on Lester Road
f) New business

2. New Alliance Chair:
The new Alliance Chair, George Wilson, introduced himself. He noted the achievements of the Alliance and looked forward to continuing its good work.

3. Appointment of Officers:
The following officers were unanimously approved:
C. Gudz – Vice Chair
J. Seline – Treasurer and Membership
J.P. Unger – Communications
C. Szpak, T. Jobateh – Co-Secretaries

4. Metro Ad:
The Metro ad cost a total of $530. Donations totaled $380, therefore $150 was needed to pay the bill.
Motion: E. Dreessen moved and C. Gudz seconded that the Alliance contribute $150 to the payment of the Metro ad. Carried.

5. Next Meeting:
It was agreed that the next meeting would be held December 14. Discussion followed regarding the need to identify a venue that was central and cheap. A meeting location will be announced before December 14.

ACTION: G. Wilson will investigate an appropriate meeting venue.

6. Turtles on Lester Road:
C. Doran of the Save Our Greenspace group, asked the meeting for advice on how to go about protecting the wetlands located between Hunt Club and Lester Road and the habitat for a species-at-risk turtle (Blanding). The wetlands are in one of the candidate sites for the a train yard for the proposed rapid rail system. Of particular concern was how to protect the turtle not only from further development but also from increased traffic on Lester Road. Several members had ideas and will pursue further discussion on the topic. One suggestion was to post an e-mail on the Alliance listserv asking others for their ideas.

7. Continuing Business:
a) Rockcliffe Development:
A. Crosby informed the meeting of his involvement with the Rockcliffe development being planned by the Canada Lands Company (CLC). The company has set up the Public Advisory Committee (PAC), that interacts with the Community Action for the Rockcliffe Airbase Development (CARAD) group to provide community input into the project. The PAC has A. Crosby listed as the Alliance alternate-representative. It was suggested that he be officially designated a representative for the Alliance and be allowed to speak in the name of the Alliance. More information on the development can be found at

Motion: B. Royds moved and E. Dreessen seconded to allow A. Crosby to represent the Alliance at the PAC and CARAD meetings. Carried.

8. Adjournment:
The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.