General Meeting – 16 October 2002

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital

Meeting of October 16, 2002

9:30 p.m., Honeywell Room, new City Hall


Attending: Quentin Bristow, Chris Szpak, Erwin Dreessen, Amy Kempster, Barbara Barr, Divya Raman, Juan Pedro Unger, Al Crosby, Bill Royds

Guests: Sara Gagné, Gert Dreessen

Regrets: Mary Hegan, Albert Dugal, Mike Mack, Joyce Wright, Steven Artelle, Shelley Parlow




  An agenda was organized at the meeting and approved by consent.  

APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF September 18, 2002

  After the spelling of Bruce Di Labio’s last name was changed from Delabio, Barbara moved and Chris seconded approval of the revised Minutes. Carried.  


  NCC and the Greenway System: Arthur tried, so far without success, to find someone to do the background research for a paragraph dealing with zoning changes to NCC lands following the Natural and Open Spaces Study (NOSS).


EX site: Barbara was unable to attend the open house of Sept. 24 due to a conflict. Increased traffic on Albion Road is a concern to local residents.

Amy and Barbara will consult zoning documents and try to complete the missing section.

Barbara will continue to monitor plans to accommodate the EX.





  Barbara moved and Amy seconded that the membership applications of Connie Molineaux, Sara Gagné, Jane Sacey, and Dylan Sacey be accepted. Jane and Dylan are in the student category. Carried. Sara immediately became a new member of the Board of Directors by acclamation. She will be responsible for coordinating volunteers. Barbara moved and Amy seconded that JP be reimbursed $69.30 for expenses for display materials. Carried.  


  Erwin may not be able to attend the Nov. 20 meeting. Amy will chair the Nov. meeting.




  Members of the committee formed at the Sept. meeting have exchanged some information by e-mail and Connie has done work on Nepean’s O.P., but no committee meeting has been held, not all committee members have seen all of the information, and there is uncertainty about who is chairing the committee. In addition to (1) the need to get this committee organized to prepare specific comment on the Draft Official Plan, there is (2) a need to deal generally with concerns about the adequacy of public consultation and participation and the rapidity with which the Official Plan process is proceeding. These latter concerns are shared by other groups, and there is a need for a coordinated approach to Mayor Chiarelli and to provide input to the media. Presentations about the Official Plan will be made to Planning and Development Committee on Nov. 4 and 6. Amy will reserve Champlain Park Field House for a meeting on Oct. 24, and Bill will email committee members. Erwin will contact Stan regarding committee chairmanship. Erwin will reserve a time for a speaker at Planning Committee.

JP/Erwin will draft a statement that various parties could subscribe to re. process and consultation. Everyone is to provide them with names of possible subscribing parties that could be contacted.



  Bill reported that the NCC wants to sell some Greenbelt land in Blossom Park in the headwaters area of Sawmill Creek for residential development. A zoning amendment has been submitted to the City. A change in land use from the current Natural Environment Area “B” likely will become part of the new Official Plan process. The NCC’s Greenbelt Master Plan would also need to be amended.  


  JP reported that the Quarry Forest Preservation Committee is considering options following the unfavourable OMB Decision. Options include appealing the Decision, and complaining to the Competition Bureau about misleading advertising. The Committee is seeking legal advice.  


  The meeting was adjourned by consensus.  



from the June 12 Minutes:

  1. Lower Rideau River Watershed Management Plan (Bill)
  2. writing to mayor Chiarelli re his promotion of development at Leitrim (not assigned)


from the July 10 Minutes:

  1. Kanata Environmental Network (not assigned)



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(to come)


The next meeting of the Greenspace Alliance is on November 20, at 7:30 p.m., in the Festival Boardroom, City Hall.