General Meeting – 18 November 2004

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital

Minutes of Meeting of Nov. 18, 2004

Champlain Park Field House


Bill Royds (chair and minutes), Ron Tolmie, Amy Kempster, Bill Grant, Juan Pedro Unger, Magda Gomans, Janice Seline

Regrets: Barbara Barr, Erwin Dreessen, Joanna Dean



1.  Changes to the Agenda Move Communication Plan to 5a

Added Volunteer action to New business

2.   Minutes from October meeting Accepted by consensus
3.   New members -Treasurer’s report See report attached
4.  Business arising from the minutes.
a.  Proposed wording to resolve Alliance ‘s appeal of O.P. Policy

Amy will provide a report to members with 2 proposed alternate wordings and some history of NCC reasons for section.

b.  Notification of Development Applications

Erwin has submitted a list. We need  notice of any that would go to Ottawa Forests and Greenspace Advisory.

C.  5309 Bank St. – setting up meetings with Councillors

Juan will set up meetings with Councillors Hume and Hunter, others after item is on PEC agenda.

d. 5309 Bank St. – petitioning Federal/Provincial Ministers about rare species

Letter drafted by Erwin Dreessen was approved by consensus.

5.   Updates of ongoing items
a.   Juan’s   Communication plan Accepted as action plan.
Discussed difference between public meetings and business meetings.

Decided that alternate monthly meetings will be public meetings with speakers, questions and socializing. These will be publicized through media as much as possible. Themes will be accessible issues.

Janice Seline has volunteered to make up business cards for Greenspace Alliance officers and membership cards for members.

b.    Development charges Unanimous opposition to Long Range Financial Planning sub-committee decision to lower charges by $450 million. Bill Royds to write letter to Bob Brocklebank of FCA expressing our feelings.
C.     Ottawa Official Plan appeals

OP sub-committee to meet with Lesley Paterson to discuss resolution.

d.   Kanata matters-KNL appeal and special study area Motion (Moved Amy, seconded Ron Tolmie) to give Kanata area sub- committee mandate to decide to appeal to OMB on special study area bylaw if required. Wording of appeal to be presented to board for decision.
e.  Gatineau Master Plan

Bill Royds to take item from Amy Kempster. Bill will produce brief before end of November.

f    Leitrim Community Development Plan

Postponed to next meeting.

g.   Carp Ridge Bill Grant gave report. Suggested that he ask that an encumbrance preventing tree- cutting or building be put on all deeds restricting activity on any ANSI lands in lots sold.
h.   Rideau Roundtable Amy Kempster attended meeting and has registered the Greenspace Alliance as a member. Greenspace Alliance needs to look for a member to be our representative, preferably one with ready access to Manotick and Smith Falls where meetings are held.

(Post-meeting note: Mary Hegan has volunteered.)

i.    Good Forestry Practices By-Law This was tabled at City Council. A panel on it was proposed as theme for February public meeting. Suggest inviting Jackie Oblak of OFGAC, Crag Huff (City Forester) and a landowner of affected site for panel.
j.  City Budget

Amy to ask some members to form sub- committee on this.

6.   New business
a.  Greenspace Master Plan

Amy attended meeting on this and provided some information given out.

b.   Announcement re urban natural spaces study

A public meeting on this is scheduled for Dec. 7.

c.   Land trust meeting

Erwin is planning a meeting to review the community’s efforts.

d.   Pathways policy.

Erwin attended a meeting on Nov. 17 of NCC with respect to pathways. Report was posted on the list service.

e.  Volunteer activity Suggest work on a program to integrate volunteers and new members. Could be in conjunction with public meeting efforts.
7.   Other business
a.   Using greenspace for ground heating source Ron Tolmie expanded on his email about using neighbourhood greenspace for heat pumping from ground wells. Seen as a way to enhance monetary value of greenspace to a neighbourhood.
8.   Adjournment   Meeting adjourned at 10:15 pm