General Meeting – 19 June 2008

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital
Minutes of General Monthly Meeting of June 19, 2008
Champlain Field House, 149 Cowley Avenue

Members present: Cheryl Doran (Chair), Theresa Jobateh (Minutes Taker), Erwin Dreessen, Carol Gudz, Chris Szpak, Amy Kempster, Hugh Carter, George Wilson and Sol Shuster.

Regrets: Bill Royds, Barry George, Joseph Potvin, and Janice Seline.

Guest: Greg Samuel

The meeting commenced at 7:21 p.m.

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Adoption of Agenda
Motion: Theresa moved to adopt the agenda. George seconded.

3. Approval of Minutes from May 15, 2008
Motion: Theresa moved for the approval of the Minutes, subject to clearing up one outstanding item [ 10 c) ] with Bill Royds. George seconded.

4. Update on Poets’ Pathway
George provided an update on the Poets’ Pathway, distributing copies of the poster for the June 24th fund-raiser concert. The committee printed 100 posters and 300 tickets.

5. Business arising from the Minutes of May 15, 2008
a) Leitrim
Erwin provided an update. There has been no news on the Environmental Review Tribunal proceeding. The City and Tartan filed a motion for dismissal regarding the request for Judicial Review. Linda of the Environmental Law Clinic has requested that the motion for dismissal to be heard at the same time as the Review. This could happen by October. A three-member panel of judges is being assembled for the hearing.

In support of a reply to the motion to dismiss, Erwin has sworn an affidavit with a large number of documents to illustrate the delays and how the developer has ignored environmental laws. He reiterated that the boundaries of the Provincially Significant Wetland are still very much at issue.

Cheryl has spoken with Albert Dugal regarding a viable Leitrim rehabilitation plan, however it remains unclear at this time which party is responsible for the rehabilitation costs. Erwin has undertaken to check with Linda for an opinion.

Motion: Sol moved that the Alliance pay from the Leitrim fund, $260 to Daniel Green for the analysis of the Area-Wide Risk Assessment report he had provided. Erwin seconded.

b) Kanata West
Carol provided an update from the Carp River Coalition who on June 2 issued a press release regarding the city’s development approvals.

The Carp River Coalition has informed the city that the terms of reference for the review of the Carp River restoration are flawed in a number of ways. One major limitation is that these terms of reference do not take into account comments received from the Ministry of Environment and two City engineers.

c) NCC appeal of the 2003 Official Plan
The text of the Memorandum of Understanding that concluded the April 24-25 mediation of the NCC’s appeal of the 2003 Official Plan has been released. When the City has translated it, it will be circulated for the Chair’s signature.

d) Sustainability Fair on June 7th
Amy and Erwin provided an update on the event and visitors to the GA exhibit.

e) Plant Sale Follow-up
Cheryl provided an update on behalf of Janice that the sale of plants brought in a total of $900 after the final cheque was received.

f) Display Boards
Cheryl advised that Barry is working with Mik Svilans on the look of the new display board.

g) Rural Affairs and Wetlands meeting May 31st
Amy provided an update to the group regarding rural residents’ concerns with the timing of this workshop as it coincided with a meeting on rural drainage and with farmers’ markets. She also noted that, besides country lot subdivisions, the issue of allowing more than one severance is seen by many in the rural areas as of critical importance.

6. Discussion items
a) Greenbelt and Airport Master Plan
Sol provided an update on the currently dubbed “Coalition to Protect the Greenbelt” which is comprised of 14 organizations so far – most of those being every major environmental group in the region. The first meeting will be held mid to end July.

Motion: Amy moved that the Alliance pledge up to $400 from the regular account for the newly formed and currently named “Coalition to Protect the Greenbelt” when needed. Sol seconded.

Sol and Cheryl provided an update on the Airport Master Plan. They have met and will continue to work with Minister Baird’s office.

Cheryl wants to show Environment and Transport Canada what the Master Plan implies and how it violates policies on land use and species at risk.
We received a note from the NCC regarding the new studies to be done in the Greenbelt and we look forward to their findings. In the meantime, the NCC has requested of the Airport Authority to not proceed with any development work in the area until a review of all studies have been done.

In the meantime, Cheryl and Sol will meet with Erwin during the week of June 23rd to review the presentation for our next meeting.

b) Leitrim Wetland Budget See motion in 5 (a)

c) Official Plan review
Chris and Amy went over their draft feedback document, offering comments and the opportunity for questions by attendees. Alliance members are invited to provide feedback to Amy or Chris by June 30th so the Board can review at the July 17th meeting.

7. Membership report
Cheryl reported on behalf of Janice Seline that that some renewals had come in.

8. Treasurer’s Report
Amy provided an update on the account balances.

9. New Business
There was no new business.

10. Adjournment
Theresa moved to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 PM.

Next meeting : July 17, 2008