General Meeting – 19 September 2013


Greenspace Watch

General Meeting

September 19, 2013

Hintonburg Community Centre

1064 Wellington Street West

K1Y 2Y3


Present: Erwin Dreessen (chair), Nicole DesRoches, Juan Pedro Unger, Jason Kania and Elina Elnione (note taker),

Regrets: Sol Shuster and Amy Kempster

The meeting commenced at 7:20 p.m.

1. Adoption of agenda

Agenda adopted as proposed.

2. Administration items

a. Minutes of July 25, 2013

Nicole moved, seconded by Elina, to approve the Minutes of July 25 as circulated. Approved.

b. Action items from the Minutes

Erwin still intends to pursue the MEC capacity grant option.

c. Treasurer’s report

Juan moved, seconded by Jason, to authorize Nicole to co-sign cheques for Greenspace Watch. Approved.

d. List serve moderating

Erwin suggested to perform a survey amongst subscribers of Green News in order to see what people want to receive in the Green News. Everybody else agreed upon this proposal. Erwin will draft.

Juan will refresh the subscription to “Meetings at the City Hall” and “Neighbourhood Connections”.

e. Web site renewal: Next steps

Upon Jason’s request to identify priorities for the website renewal it was agreed that priority is to get mailing subscription and re-establishing a link to the minutes and list of annual reports. Jason will also set up Google analytics and will make Erwin as the owner of the website for statistics access.

3. Ottawa Official Plan review

a. Report on meeting with the City Staff on September 18

We learned that staff received quite a few comments from the public regarding the Ottawa Official Plan Review.

The main discussion with the City Planners evolved around natural linkages, country lot subdivisions, rural natural features, definition of significant woodland, mineral aggregate resources and other topics.

On making the Schedules L1/2/3 more readable,the City maintains that due to many overlapping features it would create more confusion to show all the distinctions. They may, however, make the GIS layers available on the City’s web site and these are also available for the asking.

The City reported that the policy regarding conservation subdivisions was abused by the developers and staff now proposes to do away with all forms of country lot subdivisions.

L schedules are functionally replacing rural natural features and the schedules provide more accurate data. However, they are designed to be interpreted.

The City will put the Official Plan all in one PDF making it easier to search for the key words.

b. Report on FCA meeting on September 18

FCA held a workshop regarding the Official Plan Review. The workshop requested participating communities to identify the key issues they face in order to satisfy 10 different planning principles such as Transportation Oriented Development, protecting nature and infrastructure, enhancing the beauty of the City etc. It is questionable to what extent such an exercise is useful for city-wide policy making at this stage.

c. Proposal to Ottawa Eco-Talent Network on country lot subdivisions

The network leader suggested that the Greenspace Alliance provide a 2-page project description for a comparative analysis regarding country lot subdivisions. Erwin will draft.

4. NCC Urban Lands Master Plan

On September 6th Greenspace Alliance had a meeting NCC staff. We expect to be invited to a Public Advisory Committee. NCC is planning to hold 2 public consultations.

5. Brief reports

a. Community Energy Network workshop on August 22

Erwin attended the workshop and reported on a good presentation by by Mat Paterson (Policial Science, Ottawa U). Erwin will scan the notes from the speakers and attach them to these minutes..

b. NCENNetwork meeting September 16

The featured presentation was held by Ontario Nature on the topic of birds. An attendee from Vitesse is initiating a new training program that would explore the South March Highlands.

6. New Business

a. Following agreement by email, Erwin and Nicole signed Ecology Ottawa’s endorsement of “Complete Streets.”

b. A meeting was held in Kanata on September 16 on connecting Hope Side Road with West Hunt Club which would entail widening Old Richmond Road through Stoney Swamp.


The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.


Next meeting will be at the Hintonburg CC on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, at 7:30 p.m.