General Meeting – 20 June 2001

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital

Meeting of June 20, 2001

7:30 p.m., Billings Room, new City Hall


Attending: Albert Dugal, Bryan Hawley, Al Crosby, Mary Hegan, Bill Royds, Amy Kempster Barbara Barr, Erwin Dreessen

Guests: Xuehong Sun, Amanda Murray, Kenneth Hum, Louis-Raphael Pelletier

Regrets: Juan Pedro Unger, David McNicoll, Arthur Mathewson (see post-meeting note at the end).

Document available: revised Proposed Agenda.

A round of introductions was held.

Amy moved and Al seconded to approve the agenda as proposed. Carried.
Bill moved and Barb seconded to approve the Minutes of May 16 as posted. Carried.Format problems in printing from the flora web site were noted. Bill will see what can be done (include instructions?)
Barbara moved and Al seconded to approve the membership of Carole Tattersal. Carried.Four renewals (3 individual and 1 group) have been received, two for 2 years.
OPIRG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) at Carleton has indicated an interest in becoming a member in fall 2001.

The Prov of Ont Savings Office (where GACC has its account) is up for privatization, which may spell the end of virtually free banking.

Erwin noted that, if the GACC is to fulfil its mandate and become a true alliance, it must seek more members, both individual and, particularly, groups/organizations.

New Business / Action Items
Carole Tattersall and David McNicoll are attending the public meeting this same night. This item is likely to come before P&DC in September. Councillor Wendy Stewart has now indicated she will oppose Moffatt Farm development. General sense of the discussion was that NCC seems again ready to pit one community against another by proposing a land swap between Moffatt & Montfort; that GACC must vigorously oppose these tactics and instead encourage communities to work together so that both communities come out ahead, rather than one wins & one loses greenspace. (Post-meeting Note: see also Al Crosby’s Letter to the Editor (with Suzanne Parent) in The O.Citizen of June 22, p. F5, refer to )
Erwin then invited comments from around the table:Bill: DCR Phoenix has been going from one proposed development proposal to another, swapping land and in the process receiving several million dollars from City taxpayers.

Al: DCR Phoenix is not unapproachable. Montfort community proposal was to swap for land on former Rockcliffe Base. Ottawa Citizen called Montfort Woods a “jewel” in 1998 editorial, then thinks development is ok a few years later; this suggests The Citizen is looking for controversy to maintain public interest & boost sales. GACC should work to bring The Citizen on side in seeing communities as having a united front in protecting greenspace.

Amy: NCC has agreed to protect some land as ES such as the border of Moffatt Farm but has also long declared this land surplus to its mandate.Barbara: Moffatt Farm is probably lost to development.Albert: Waterfront along Rideau must be protected minimum of 50m for health & safety reasons (Leda clay), as well as environmental/ecological reasons.

Bryan: Suggested that Bill & Al write up story behind Moffatt Farm & Montfort Woods in order to reveal the pattern of tricks used by NCC & developers especially in inciting communities one against another. Suggested seeking a volunteer specifically for marketing GACC to build membership & thereby strengthen community ties; & fundraise to boost finances. Web site was designed to provide forum to collect stories, record history of development & lost greenspaces, to warn community.

Xuehong: Use the web site to promote GACC throughout the community.

Amanda: GACC should become more proactive by identifying “hot spots” & then rallying local community to the cause.

Mary: It is worth documenting
facts/patterns for use in warning & educating communities, media, etc.

Erwin: More information is required on Moffatt Farm to support protection but if it is developed, then should go hand in hand with ES zoning & protection for Montfort Woods. Again if it is to be developed, should implement Official Plan in truly intensifying within Greenbelt rather than develop at same same density we have now.

(i) Carole and David will report on June 20 meeting; follow up on natural value of the field issues.(ii) Bill and Al will see how they can write up the DCR Phoenix story.
Property is on edge of Poet’s Pathway & will narrow but not necessarily block it entirely. Provisions of 1993 Sawmill Creek Watershed Study were reviewed. ECOS Rideau River Action Kit (see also addresses issues which impact Sawmill Creek at development site (eg. sewer outfalls,etc).Points GACC could make:

– Insistence that 1993 Study recommendations be implemented before or as part of development of the site;

– Suggest working with Home Depot to realize objectives of protecting Sawmill Creek & Poet’s Pathway through development of alternatives including parking on rooftop of main building to save land under hydro corridor;

– Ensure 50m setback of all development from the Creek;

– Ensure better enviro/ ecological design of Creek than has been done in S. Keys;

– Fencing to prevent garbage from blowing into the Creek from loading/ parking area;

– Customer access area to be shared with LCBO;

– Make the case that it is pointless to move the creek & that leaving it where it is could save a lot of money.

(i) Erwin will report on the June 26 meeting at J Durrell

(ii) Bill & Erwin to write draft intervention & circulate for comment.

The final report is now available. Al obtained assurance that insisting on a community information session before the 90-day clock starts running is consistent with GACC’s comments. GACC to suggest that pre-consultation be a requirement (if such is legal) Erwin, Bill and Amy to draft intervention for June 28, with Barbara’s assistance, based on our comments to staff and study of the final report.
Plan of subdivision has been un-delegated. No site plan yet on other portion of proposed development, nor site plan for the land proposed for subdivison.GACC intervention could include:

– support positions of Ridgemont and Fairlea CAs;

– request deferral until site plan is submitted as well – no piece-meal planning;

– refer to inequitable treatment of communities and loss of greenspace in poorer areas.

Erwin to work with Frank Licari to formulate a position. Erwin, Bill, Amy to appear at June 28 P&DC mtg.

9:33 Reflections on the 20/20 Growth Summit & Official Plan Review
The web site ( will remain active for next 18 mos. Messrs. Lathrop and Jacobs attended all sessions, perhaps as required by the Mayor. Mary is on an advisory group looking at next process steps. Erwin noted the weak basis for the recently published employment and population projections. Bill moved and Amy seconded that GACC strike a committee for the OP review. Mary will post a request for feedback on the Summit process.OP review committee discussion deferred to next meeting.
9:49 Brief Reports / Updates / Deferrals 
Amy reported a small profit was made which will be plowed back into next year’s event. She has 13 60% hemp t-shirts, $20 each or 2 for $35. All revenue from sale of these t-shirts flows to the GACC.Four people from or brought in by GACC are required to carry our fair share of the planning. Amy suggested we should question whether we can afford the time required.

The group’s next meeting is July 3! The focus over the summer will be to secure more corporate sponsorships.

Amy and Bill will compose an advert on the web site.Discussion on our continued participation deferred.
Mary reported that Adopt-a-Riverbank work continues; RiverKeeper initiative is picking up momentum; Dan Brunton attended a RiverKeeper conference in Florida where he was able to meet the rigorous requirements to have the Ottawa accepted an as official RiverKeeper project (see RiverKeeper web site for more on this – at where one can also find Dan Brunton’s report).John Almstedt, David McNicoll, Amy, Erwin and Nicole DesRoches of CREDDO attended the May 29 workshops called by consultants for economic development interests. Erwin will soon post a synthesis of reports by attendees.
City Council has deferred a decision, likely resulting in Minto’s appealing to the OMB. Barbara will post a report on the June 13 Council meeting.
Albert reported that toxicologist Daniel Green is now involved in the toxic dump aspect.
10:04 Adjournment. Albert moved and Bill seconded adjourment. Carried.


– Ottawa Land Trust

– Leamy Lake

– Poets’ Pathway

– GACC: flora, CommunityZero, listserv

– Misc. business arising from the Minutes of May 16

– McConnell-Laramée Autoroute (however, see recent postings on

– Ontario Drainage Act

POST-MEETING NOTE: Arthur Mathewson sent in this report early on June 20:

<<To my regret I have a conflicting meeting this evening which will prevent my being with you. It looks like a pretty charged agenda so perhaps one less voice will be a good thing. Were I there I would want to express my satisfaction at the at least temporary reprieve of the Quarry Forest. While I hope it never comes to a battle over the preservation of a few mature trees, I would, in that event, want to call up the result of an effort to just that when a major estate in Oakville was developed. The developer made what I believe was a sincere effort to preserve a number of magnificent trees but I strongly suspect it was unsuccessful. I wonder if others have experience with this sort of thing. Finally, I agree with the umbrella concept referred to by Bryan Hawley. That’s why I joined the GACC as representative of the Centretown Community Association Tree Committee. Regards, Art>>


– Sierra Club – Ottawa Working Group – Who are we and what do we do? Contact George Wilson at 244-1088 or .

– The Sierra Youth Coalition’s “Bet”- for more information write to .

– Globe and Mail marketing supplement for the Nature Conservancy of Canada, May 30, 2001; and full-page ad listing donors and partners, all “Friends” of the Conservancy, including 18 from government.

– Undated supplement to the Globe and Mail for Evergreen –, “helping us bring nature back to our cities” through small-scale projects The publication names 15 Major Contributors, including 5 from government, and a longer list of Supporters. The organization appears to have offices in Toronto and Vancouver. Actions include a national school ground greening challenge.

– Press release and speech by Min. Paul Martin on environmental indicators, May 25, 2001, and press clippings.

– UN starts four-year study of world environment – press clipping, G&M, June 6, 2001, p. A12.

– Undated Ottawa Citizen supplement – TransCanada Trail, vol. 7, no. 1; and excerpt of Min. John Manley’s report #48, Fall 2000 – “Trans Canada Trail is complete.” Web site is .

– Natural Life Magazine #79, “Canada’s Mail Order Source of Products for Sustainable Healthy Living. E-mail .

– Notice of Planning and Development Committee meeting – 300 Central Park Drive, dated May 28, 2001.

– Letter from Pierre Pagé informing the GACC of Council’s June 13 decision re Quarry Forest, dated 14 June, 2001.

– Letter from Pierre Pagé informing Barbara Barr of Council’s decision re New Official Plan for the City of Ottawa, dated 14 June, 2001.

-Letter from Pierre Pagé informing of Council’s decision re OPA 43 (121 Clearview Avenue and 155 Island Park Drive), dated May 15, 2001; and Notice of the Passing of a By-law on May 9, dated May 24, 2001.

– Notice of Open House and documentation about the Optimization/Expansion of the Trail Waste Facility Landfill, June 26, 2001. Contact for more information.


The next meeting of the GACC is on July 18, at 7:30 p.m., in the Festival Board Room, ground Floor of new City Hall.