General Meeting – 21 August 2008

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital
Minutes – Meeting of August 21, 2008

Field House, 149 Cowley Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario

Present: Eric Cousineau, Amy Kempster, Janice Seline (recording secretary), Sol Shuster, Cheryl Doran, Chair
Regrets: Joseph Potvin, Carol Gudz, Erwin Dreessen, Chris Szpak, Bill Royds, Theresa Jobateh, Barry George

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm.

The agenda was adopted. Moved: Amy Kempster, seconded: Janice Seline. Carried.

Minutes of the meeting of July 17, 2008 were not available and brought forward to the next meeting.

Business arising from the meeting of July 17:

a. Kanata West. Cheryl Doran reported that consultants have been hired. Amy Kempster reported that Council and Committee had not yet approved.

b. Display board. Brought forward, no report.

c. Leitrim Wetlands. September 5 is the end of the comment period for the application to take water for 10 years. Cheryl Doran volunteered to comment.

d. Greenbelt and the Airport Master Plan. Cheryl Doran reported that Minister Lawrence Cannon has not signed the Master Plan. Cheryl is trying to submit comments.

e. Official Plan submission. There is a meeting at City Hall next week. Amy Kempster is critical of proposal to extend urban boundary.

Discussion items:

a. Greenbelt Coalition. Sol Shuster reported that 15 organizations are now involved, as well as City Advisory Committees. The Coalition has passed a resolution banning development in the Greenbelt. Amy Kempster will act as alternate for Greenspace Alliance. Barry George is Greenspace Alliance’ principal representative. There is a meeting on September 9 at 7 pm at City Hall. Responses to the White Paper on the Greenbelt are due September 30.

b. Hunt Club extension to Innes Road. Cheryl Doran submitted comments without consulting Greenspace Alliance, due to lack of time. Amy Kempster recommended that the comment be circulated for approval and moved at next meeting.

c. Gatineau Park Coalition. Sol Shuster reported that the latest issue is erosion into Lac Meech related to construction of two houses. Fish habitat has been affected and the Coalition complained. National Capital Commission did not object. The National Capital Commission has purchased land that was slated for development. The Coalition is developing a communications plan in September.

d. Agro-residential development in Old Chelsea. The developer, Sean MacAdam, would like to meet us. Joseph Potvin will set up the meeting, possibly in the Chelsea Community Centre for the next monthly meeting.

e. Development charges – the FCA is on the External Advisory Committee, and the Greenspace Alliance should send a representative. Amy Kempster volunteered for the role. Moved by Cheryl Doran, seconded by Sol Shuster. Carried.

Membership Report

Janice Seline had no new members to introduce. She would like to know from Chris Szpak, who is picking up the mail, if cheques are received for membership renewals. Eric Cousineau renewed his membership for 2008 ($10).

Treasurer’s Report

a. Amy Kempster moved that Clarke Topp’s invoice for various expenses ($478.65) be paid. Seconded by Sol Shuster. Carried.

b. Janice Seline moved the approval of payment of two invoices from Cornell Catana Reporting Services for a total of $944.90 for transcripts of a cross-examination of an Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources employee concerning the boundaries of Leitrim Wetlands. Seconded by Amy Kempster. Carried.

c. Pledges of $1000 from Ottawa Field Naturalists Club and $1000 from the Sierra Club of Ottawa for the Leitrim Fund were gratefully accepted. Sol Shuster inquired as to whether the website thermometer had been updated to reflect these pledges.

New Business.

Cheryl Doran reported receiving a note of acknowledgment from Minister Donna Canfield concerning actions to protect the Blanding’s turtle.

Adjournment: 8:50 pm.

Next meetings: September 18, 2008 (in Chelsea) and October 16, 2008