General Meeting – 21 March 2001




Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital

General Meeting of March 21, 2001

Honeywell Room,City Hall, 7:30 p.m.


Documents available: Revised proposed Agenda; Minutes of February 14, 2001.

Time Agenda # Item Disposition / Action
19:50   Call to Order

Attendance: Bill Royds; Mary Hegan; John Almstedt; Juan Pedro Unger; Bryan Hawley; Arthur Mathewson; Amy Kempster; Erwin Dreessen; Barbara Barr

Regrets: Albert Dugal

Mail file: Erwin noted news item on page C1 of The Citizen today, that Leamy Lake Golf Course has been ordered delayed indefinitely by federal Environment Canada officials.

19:51 1 Approval of the agenda

Moved Bryan Hawley, Seconded Mary Hegan; Carried

19:55 3 Report on the Corporate Services and Economic Development meeting of March 21, and next steps

The meeting was still ongoing as our meeting started. Several items of interest to GACC:

  • Urban Forests was designated full committee
  • Cycling Advisory is full committee; Heritage is separated from LACAC
  • No amendments to structure as requested by GACC; global budget set for all committees together
  • Need to work on Terms of Reference of new Environmental Advisory Committee
Action: Mary will contact staff on next steps and work with the GACC’s committee
20:25 4 New Members / Renewals /Treasurers Report

No new members, although ACRE may join.  Erwin, Bill and Amy visited the group on March 19.

Moved (M/S/C Barbara Barr, Bill Royds): To Pay Erwin $80.04 for expense for PEN advertisement and photocopying



Action: Barbara Barr

  5 New business
20:31   City of Ottawa Development Approval Process report: follow-up

Need to urge Council to open up approval to other than staff and clarify Councillors’ role in delegated authority. Not yet facing Council

{Post-meeting note: A Public Notice in the print media of March 23 offered an information package, available on the City’s web site or from Francoise Jessop at 244-5300, ext. 1-3862, e-mail  Deadline for comments to staff is May 11; intended for Planning and Development Committee’s Agenda of June 28, 2001.}

20:40   Heron/Walkley (“2930 Albion Road”)

Meeting March 22 sponsored by Councillor Stewart but seen as a “Done Deal” by her. Erwin, Bryan and Barbara will attend and circulate a revised draft letter.

20:45   Earth Day Kiosk

Offer by Sierra Club to allocate space for a table at Earth Day activities on April 20 at Sparks Street Mall. Bill Royds and Amy Kempster offered to look after table

Bill, Amy to run booth on April 20
20:50 2 Approval of the Minutes of February 14, 2001

M/S/C Arthur, Barbara

  6 Business Arising / Brief Reports / Items Deferred  
20:55   June 3 Run for Clean Air: update

Will take place in C.E.F. Arboretum. Meeting March 22, Bldg. 72 CEF 7:00

Amy will attend.

Others asked to seek sponsorships

20:59   Expanding the use of our flora web site: proposal

Policy question as to whether email items of special interest should be added. Also add members area

It was agreed to write to Council and selected staff, informing that Agenda and Minutes of GACC meetings are available on our web site, and offering to e-mail the Agenda on request.

Discussed formats for email

Action: xxx re notice on Agenda and Minutes.

Bill to investigate further re suggestions made by Joseph Potvin and others

21:10   Moved (M/S/C Barbara, Amy): Write letter to City Clerk to have all Official Plans available on City web site Action: Barbara will draft
21:20   Speakers’ list for monthly meetings: report

Gord Hunter, chair of Planning and Economic Development Committee: Ask for April with suggested topic “Scope of Greenspace and Environmental Considerations in City Planning and Economic Development, and role of public participation in the process”

Heather Hamilton, Eastern Ontario Bio-Diversity Museum and Canadian Biodiversity Institute: Not yet prepared to speak but interested in future; see info on Chicago Wilderness in mail file for one model for her ideas

John Taylor, History Dept. Carleton University: Ask for talk (June?) on “Greenspace in Historic Planning” — further to his posting of February 14 on “NCC Plans.”

Action: Bill Royds to phone Gord Hunter and ask whether he can attend.
21:30   Leitrim Wetlands: update and action items

Need for lobbying campaign to prevent funding of waste water Pumping and forcemain plant approved by Corporate Services March 6.

Working with North American Wetland Conservation Council to ask DFO for full studies on Leitrim

Action: Bill Royds to circulate budget items and overview. Others are asked to lobby councillors etc.
21:35   Ottawa River project: update (John Almstedt)

Meeting in April of River Keepers working group

Action: John Almstedt to notify us of meeting time and place.
21:42   Sussex Circle

Letters still pending

21:45   Mayor’s Summit: report

Inquiries still continuing. Former Regional Clerk has been hired as facilitator.

21:50   Poets’ Pathway: update

After article in Citizen, Erwin was asked to write an article in Riverview Park community newspaper. Riverview Park is key location for connection to Rideau River and Beechwood Cemetery.

Suggest forming Working Group on Poets’ Path

Action: Bill Royds to take next step in forming working group
22:00   Priority list of greenspaces (deferred item)
Inquiries with former regional staff had turned up no priority list of greenspaces as referred to in the recent Quarry Forest pamphlet.
Action: Juan Pedro to verify with source of reference
22:09 7 Adjournment


In the Mail file:

  • “Casino golf course on hold – Federal officials say two holes threaten wetland,” The Citizen, March 21, 2001 4page C1 (Business)
  • “North American Wetlands Conservation Council – Canada (NAWCC – Canada) celebrates a decade of influencing change.”  Also “A Wetland Conservation Vision for Canada.”  The Council’s “Wetkit: Tools for Working with Wetlands” is at  Its web site is . The Secretariat is at Suite 200, 1750 Courtwood Crescent, Ottawa, ON  K2C 2B5, tel. (613) 228-2601, e-mail
  • selected pages from documents published by Chicago Wilderness, A Regional Nature Reserve – “Great Lakes Forests,” Vol. XII, Issue One, 2000 – serving Michigan, Minnesota, Ontario and Wisconsin.  The focus of this issue is on Urban Forestry
  • King Edward Avenue Renewal – City of Ottawa Information Bulletin, Planning and Environmental Assessment Study, March 2001.  The Planner is Barry Townsend; he is at 580-2424, ext. 21284, e-mail
  • Urban Forum – “How Safe are our Roads and Streets?”, Monday, April 9, 7 – 9 p.m., Champlain Room, new City Hall
  • Shaping Ontario’s Urban Neighbourhoods 2001 – Symposium, May 5 – 6, 2001, Hamilton Convention Centre, Hamilton, Ontario.  Registration fee of $50.00 includes materials, lunches and refreshments.  For further information, call Janice Brown at (905) 523-8737.  RSVP by April 4, 2001
  • e-mail from Mike Christie on “Evergreen’s Common Grounds,” March 6, 2001.  It is about a Toronto initiative to build a case book on networks of green infrastrucrure.  Call Stewart Chisholm at (416) 596-1495 (toll free fax: 1-888-426-3138), e-mail web site   NOTE: This is just one of several e-mails the GACC has been receiving from Mike Christie, generally on pesticide issues.  Occasionally, one has been posted as of possible immediate interest to GACC members.  Anyone wishing to be on Mike’s mailing list, please contact him directly at
  • “Climate Change Solutions” from the Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development