General Meeting – 21 May 2010

Friends of the Greenspace Alliance
Minutes of the meeting of May 21 2010
Conservation Co-op, Ottawa

Members present: Joseph Potvin, Janice Seline, Cheryl Doran,
Guests: Edelweiss D’Andrea, Prue Thompson, Katie Riddell (Beaverbrook), Jan Innes ( Kanata Lakes), Judy Makin, (South March Highlands), Linda McCormick (Carp), Paul Renaud (Stittsville), Andrea Prazmowski, (Westboro)

1. Welcome and agenda

2. Adoption of agenda

3. Presentation by ad hoc group opposing destruction of Beaver Pond forest, Kanata Lakes
The opposition to the impending destruction by developers of this old-growth forest is growing quickly.

There are other, related, issues in the west end as well, including the impending extension of Terry Fox Drive with federal stimulus funding, which has accelerated the process and for which environmental assessment appears to have been waived.

The South March Highlands Coalition is considering the alternatives for saving the Beaver Pond forest. Cheryl pointed out that there would likely be species at risk in the area. The councillor for the ward is Marianne Wilkinson.

It was recommended by FGA that the group incorporate themselves. They are raising money.

Motion: Cheryl moved, seconded by Janice, that FGA support the South March Highlands Coalition in its pursuit of legal channels with a contribution of $500. Agreed.

4. Cheryl reported that Ottawa Municipal Board (OMB) hearings on Fernbank (Official Plan Amendment 77) will occur on May 26-28. She will ask Erwin Dreessen if he would attend.

5. Cheryl reported that there will be a pre-hearing conference with the OMB at City Hall for OP amendment 76 on 14 June at 10:00 AM.

6. Treasurer’s report
Motion: Janice Seline moved, seconded by Cheryl, to approve the following expenditures:
Reimburse Joseph Potvin for Green My Capital website expense: $38.85
Reimburse Janice Seline for printing of brochures: $57.07.

The following sums have been received:
Donation: $300
Cash – $10 for purchase of plants
Proceeds from plant sale now exceed $700

There was no other business.

Meeting adjourned.