General Meeting – 22 June 2015


Greenspace Watch

General Meeting

June 22, 2015

Hintonburg Community Centre

1064 Wellington Street West

K1Y 2Y3

Members present: Erwin Dreessen (chair and notetaker), Amy Steele, Nicole DesRoches, Paul Johanis, David McNicoll, Jason Kania, Iola Price, Sol Shuster, Al Crosby, Donna DuBreuil, Lorne Peterson

Regrets: Juan Pedro Unger

The meeting commenced at 7:15 p.m.

1. Agenda

A modified agenda was agreed upon.

2. Administrative items

a. Minutes of May 25, 2015: Nicole moved, seconded by Amy, to approve the draft Minutes of the AGM for posting and approve the Minutes of the General Meeting of May 25. Agreed.

b. Translation of Annual Report: It was agreed that Erwin will ask Anne-Marie Hogue.

c. Treasurer’s report: Iola moved, seconded by Nicole, to repay Erwin $183.10 for room rental for 12 months plus the rental for the October 6 FCA meeting. Agreed.

d. Membership report: Bruce Lindsay has asked to meet with Erwin next week. Erwin will clarify that his membership report to the AGM was tabled but not discussed.

3. Action updates

a. Ottawa City Council strategic priorities: Our letter was sent in on June 4. We have endorsed CAFES’ letter on tree and forest management. Councillor Leiper succeeded in having Forest Strategy mentioned in the Priorities (with funds already allocated in the main Budget).

b. OMB appeals of OPA 150: Dates are set out for delivery of material leading to a hearing on August 6-7 on a motion by Taggart that will argue that the City did not do what it was supposed to do in this Comprehensive Review of the Official Plan.

c. Follow-up with Kristina Inrig (NCENN): Following discussion, several Board members agreed to complete the survey so that Kristina can proceed with a “capacity check.”

d. CFO/NCENN seminar on funding – June 17: Erwin and Iola attended this information/networking meeting on ways in which the Community Foundation of Ottawa can assist local environmental groups, even if they are not a charity. Erwin will attend a related Ottawa Insights workshop on June 26.

e. C2UExpo Engagement Fair – May 28: We established promising contacts with Carleton’s Geography and Environmental Studies department and also learned about volunteer opportunities for University of Ottawa students.

f. Follow-up with 1125 @ carleton: There has been further correspondence with Craig Bennell but no action.

g. OEN Policy caucus: Erwin was contacted by Leslie Adams, co-chair of the Ontario Environmental Network, who seeks to revive the OEN’s “policy caucus.” Interest expressed by various members across the province include land use planning, bills in front of government, local government, and biodiversity.

h. Airport Parkway/Lester Road widening: There was a Public Consultation Group on June 4 and a Public Meeting on June 17. Erwin has expressed the Alliance’s opposition to widening before extension of the O-Train line but intent to constructively engage with the Environmental Assessment with regard to maintaining or enhancing connectivity for wildlife. He and Elena Kreutzberg (CPAWS-OV) will meet with the consultants and City staff on June 25.

i. Encroachment on the Central Experimental Farm: A letter was sent to The Ottawa Hospital’s Board of Directors meeting prior to its Annual Public Meeting on June 25. The letter was signed by the National Trust for Canada, Heritage Ottawa, the Greenspace Alliance, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and nine scientists from around the world. The letterhead said “Coalition to Protect the Central Experimental Farm – National Historic Site of Canada.”


At the occasion of Summer Solstice, Lorne read a brief story of a walk in the woods, observing trees lost and efforts to restore the landscape.

4. Wildlife Protection Protocol

Following discussion of a draft comment on the revised draft of the protocol prepared by Erwin, changes were agreed upon. Erwin to send this out by June 23.

5. NCC Annual Public Meeting – June 25

We advised the NCC that we would speak about implementation of the Greenbelt Master Plan, road widening through Stony Swamp and transparency of Board meetings, to which we will add preservation of trees along Parkways. Nicole will attend for the Alliance.

6. CFB Rockcliffe Public Meeting – June 25

Al provided an overview of some of the material now available on the City’s development applications web site and a comparison with the comments we delivered in March 2014. Drafts of an intervention will circulate in the next few days; deadline for comments is June 27.

7. LEAR review and 8. Kanata Highlands (Area 2)

These items were deferred due to lack of time.

9. Brief reports /updates

It was agreed to cover these items in an Annex of these Minutes.

The meeting adjourned at 9:24 p.m.

The next monthly meeting will be on July 27, 2015 at 7:15 p.m. in the Hintonburg CC.


a. Ottawa Riverkeeper Gala, Aquahack and Conference – May 27, 29, 30: The Quebec and Ontario environment ministers announced that a joint commission would be created. There also was a declaration which everyone is invited to sign.

b. FCA AGM – June 4: Gary Sealey and Sheila Perry are the new President and Vice-President respectively. FCA’s Survey Monkey software is available for any member to use. The FCA is considering decentralizing its operations.

c. Presentation on planning for the Parliamentary and Judicial precincts – June 10: Before a full audience in the Council Chambers, Lyette Fortin (former House of Commons director of architecture strategic planning) provided a review of planning for these precincts over the decades. Robert Allsopp (who helped prepare the 1987 and 2007 iterations of the Long Term Vision and Plan) pointed out that the plan had enjoyed all-party support.

d. NCC workshop on planning for the North Shore – June 17: This was a second meeting following the one in November. Slightly refined proposals were presented to the about 50 people attending.