General Meeting – 22 March 2000

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital

Minutes of Meeting March 22, 2000

Present:  Shelley Parlow (Chair), Erwin Dreessen, Bill Royds, Barbara Barr, Amy Kempster, David McNicoll, Al Crosby.

Documents circulated:  Agenda, Minutes of February 23, 2000 meeting, draft letter to John Manley, draft brochure, NCC press release re core, material re monarch butterfly.

1. Approval of Agenda: Under item 3 Membership Contact list was added. Under Item 4. Zoning 3170 Conroy and Wildlife Announcements were added.  Under Item 5.  Summer schedule and endangered species act were added. Amy moved and Barbara seconded that the revised Agenda be accepted. Carried.

2. Amy moved and Erwin seconded that the corrected minutes be accepted. Carried.

3. Items arising from the minutes:

a) The proposed letter to Manley was discussed with discussion focusing on how to reference the Poets’ Other suggestions included the replacement of the term land swaps with rezoning agreements and replacement of apparent intervention with public stand on this matter. Bill moved and Erwin seconded that the letter be approved in principle. Carried. The revised letter will be circulated.  It was noted that Frank Licari had spoken to Manley on this matter and was told there were no deals on the land at the moment.

b) Comments on review of Canadian Environmental Assessment The proposed input on this was discussed. Erwin moved and Bill seconded that the draft be approved in principle.  Carried.  The draft raised the need for standards for self-assessment, coverage of crown corporations, possible categorization of projects to help sort out routine assessments (caution was expressed that class EAs could have dangers [Dunbar Bridge]), make screening reports available on the internet, recognize the importance of long-term impacts.

c) The brochure was discussed The question of a typical species count was raised, and the clarification re the point re the waterpark that this was opposing one. It was suggested that the e-mail address for the organization should appear ahead of the Chair’s name.  The need to find a translator was noted.  The committee was asked to put the final version on e-mail and to deal with translation.

d) By-laws. Shelley agreed to check these over for errors before the next meeting.

e) Barbara proposed Christine Hartig and Anthony and Gretchen Denton as new members. Seconded by Al Crosby. Carried. It was noted that the contact list was being updated .  Fax number and mailing address for the Greenspace Alliance will be 722-2612 and 118 Clearview Ave., Ottawa, K l Y 2L2, plus Shelley’s name and telephone number.

4. Brief announcements/updates:

a) CBC broadcast March 14. This series dealt with the NCC and municipal matters and included the Heron-Walkley segment with Bryan Hawley, and Sparks Street. Erwin has taped them.

b) Landtrust Working Group: The draft document was felt to be still lacking in treating the accountability question and the question of openness of membership. Members to send comments to Shelley or David Miller.

c) The question of the Volunteer Centre/GACC website was tabled.

d) Orleans/Quarry forest: Members to give any suggestions they might have. It was suggested that the Alliance let other community associations know that they should act proactively by asking for protective zoning to protect their greenspace.  A project for the future could be a booklet: “How to protect your greenspace.”

d) Heron/Walkley/Kitchener was discussed under item 3.

e) 1454 Clementine: This will come before Planning Committee on March 28. Barbara or Amy will Also on March 27 at OMB hearing.

f) Montfort woods. Also to be covered at OMB pre-hearing, March 27. Al Crosby indicated that Cannings and Belanger were supportive and a possible solution may be found.  Besides the pre-hearing on the appeal of the 1998 zoning by-law there is a request to rezone it to R4 by Phoenix Homes and to ES by the community .  Current zoning is L3(698) exception passed  Al moved and Erwin seconded that the Greenspace Alliance send a letter by March 29 supporting the rezoning to ES and suggesting calling a meeting of all concerned to help determine the outcome. Carried.

g) Westboro Loblaw’s (Greenway corridor) Amy moved and Barb seconded that either Barbara or Amy appear on behalf of the Greenspace Alliance on March 28 to object to the loss of greenspace through rezoning most of the L2 corridor. The argument will be that this should have been done by an Official Plan Amendment, and that the green corridor should have been kept. Carried.

h) Southern corridor: Only new development is some interest by Manley’s office in the idea of a Poets’ Pathway through it.

i) City of Ottawa Environmental Committee: Barbara has been monitoring this A new manager for the Environmental Management Branch has been hired for a six month term. Amalgamation issues are being discussed.

j) Zoning 3170 Conroy: This contains land next to the Turtle Conservation Area, and is marshy.  Barb moved and Bill seconded that a letter be sent suggesting going slowly and that a full MEER be done.  Carried.

k) The coming workshops on wildlife were noted: On April 7-9 at Carlingwood and April 12 at the Museum of Nature.

5. New Business:

a) Montfort woods-see above.

b) NOSS Official Plan and Zoning Amendments: There was considerable discussion on this.  Bill was disturbed that the amendments included one to change the ESA designation in the Official Plan for Assaly woods to residential. It was indicated that it was to recognize an OMB decision, however it was agreed that it would be preferable that this be done separately.  There was some unhappiness as well with the change in the definition of ESA.  Bill moved and Al seconded that he and Amy draft a letter for comments supporting the amendments in general but indicating unhappiness with the inclusion of the Assaly woods amendment in this parcel. Letter to be sent by April 6.

c) Next meeting: Shelley announced that Nancy Doubleday had been obtained as a speaker for April or May.

d) Banking/register GACC name. Barbara said she would look into these issues.

e) Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 19, 2000, Billings Room RMOC.