General Meeting – 23 May 2013


Greenspace Watch

General Meeting May 23, 2013

Hintonburg Community Centre

1064 Wellington Street West

K1Y 2Y3


Members present: Erwin Dreessen (chair and note taker), Amy Kempster, David McNicoll, Jason Kania, Lorne Peterson, Nicole DesRoches, Bettina Henkelman, Sol Shuster

Regrets: Elina Elnione, Martin Callsen, Juan Pedro Unger

The meeting commenced at 8:45 p.m.

Minutes of March 28, 2013

Erwin moved, seconded by Amy, that the Minutes of March 28 be adopted as circulated by Elina, allowing for some copy-editing. Agreed.

Distribution of roles

Nicole agreed to be Co-Chair. Amy agreed to become Treasurer. Elina had agreed to continue as Secretary.

Panel discussion update

Erwin reported that coordination for the June 8 event is in Adam Caldwell’s good hands. A media release and short article are being drafted. It was agreed that, given that the media release does not set out positions or information not previously agreed upon, and given the time constraint, this media release does not require formal Board approval. Nicole has agreed to be the media contact.

Erwin will raise the option of refreshments with Adam.

Wildlife Strategy

The City of Ottawa’s April 2013 draft Strategy was discussed based on a draft submission circulated by Sol as amended by Erwin. Points raised included:

– This is really intended to be a “Wildlife conflict reduction strategy”.

– The Strategy is of little help to residents who feel negatively affected by wildlife.

– Cats are devastating birds. Free-roaming domestic cats and barn and feral cats each require distinct mitigation (On the scope of the killing, see Loss et al., Nature Communications, 29 January 2013).

– Bring out better that establishing an implementation group is our proposal; it is not in the report.

– We are setting up two tests for Council to prove that they are serious about a progressive wildlife strategy:

+ on process, the idea of an Ad Hoc Committee drawn from three Standing Committees;

+ on substance, the establishment of an Implementation Group.

– Make the point that farmers, other rural residents and urbanites each have their own challenges and issues.

Sol and Erwin will finalize the submission for tomorrow’s deadline.

Other business

Amy will pass the annual corporate filing papers she received on to Elina.


The meeting concluded at 9:24 p.m.


Next meeting is on June 27 at 7:15, at the Hintonburg Community Centre.