General Meeting – 25 October 2011

Greenspace Watch
Meeting of October 25, 2011
Champlain Park Fieldhouse
149 Cowley Avenue


Members present : Amy Kempster (chair), Sol Shuster, Erwin Dreessen (note taker)

Guest : Elina Elnione

Regrets : Jason Kania, Alicia Reckzin, John Savage, James O’Grady

The meeting commenced at 7:27 p.m.

An amended agenda was moved by Erwin and seconded by Sol. Agreed.

Minutes of September 20, 2011
Erwin moved, seconded by Sol, to approve the September 20 Minutes as distributed. Agreed.

Treasurer’s Report
Erwin reported that the bank account for Greenspace Watch is now operational and a deposit has been made.

Membership Report
A membership renewal has been received. Three more membership renewals were received at the meeting, along with some donations.

Erwin moved, seconded by Sol, to approve Elina’s membership. Agreed.

Director Nomination
Erwin moved, seconded by Sol, to nominate Elina as a Director. Agreed.

Reports on OMB Hearings (OPA 76)
a. Urban Boundary, Phase 2
Erwin reported that, at the Pre-Hearing Conference on October 19, the Greenspace Alliance was accepted as a Party. There are 14 Parties in all. Besides the City, Paul Johanis and the Alliance, all other Parties are developers or other landowners.

The Board decided to split Phase 2 into two parts. The first hearing, which will commence on January 30, 2012, will deal with critiques of the City’s methodology used to identify candidate areas for urbanization. Appeals of scores awarded for particular parcels and anything else will be dealt with later, possibly as late as July 2012.

The Pre-Hearing Conference will continue on November 7 and 8. It will deal mainly with the identification of the Issues for the January 30 hearing.

Martin Callsen and Iola Price have confirmed that they are prepared to be Witnesses for the Alliance. One difficulty is constructing maps that show natural features overlayed with the parcels under consideration. It was suggested that Mitch Brisebois could help, or that we could make a motion to compel the City to provide the necessary information.

b. Country Lot Estates
This hearing started on October 24. The Alliance is represented by Amy, assisted by Elina. The hearing will likely conclude next week Monday with Final Arguments which are to be sent to the Board beforehand in writing.

Heritage Trees
Amy reported that an application will be made to declare Champlain Park’s 23 Bur Oaks heritage trees.

Annual General Meeting
It was decided to hold the Alliance’s AGM in the Spring. Amy will initiate the writing of an Annual Report, covering the activities of both the Friends of the Greenspace Alliance and Greenspace Watch.

Chelsea development
Amy drafted a letter in support of the Hendrick’s Farm proposal which includes the development of an organic farm and the protection of greenspace (parks & trails) on up to 56 % of the 110 acres of land. Sol moved, seconded by Erwin, to approve the letter. Agreed.

The meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 22 at the Champlain Park Field House.