General Meeting – 28 February 2011

Friends of the Greenspace Alliance
Meeting of February 28, 2011
RA Centre Field House.

Members attending: Amy Kempster (Chair), Alicia Reckzin (Recording Secretary), Janice Seline, Erwin Dreessen, Cheryl Doran, Sol Shuster

Guest: James O’Grady

Introductions were made by and to James.

The meeting commenced at 7:15 p.m.

1. Changes to the agenda
Alicia moved to approve the agenda, Erwin seconded. Carried.

2. Minutes
Erwin moved to approve the minutes of 16 December 2010. Cheryl seconded. Carried.

3. Annual Reports of 2009 and 2010
Janice moved to approve, Erwin seconded. Carried.

4. Business Arising
– Regarding reincorporation, in the absence of Chris Szpak, Erwin agreed to lead this task.
– The name of the new corporation was discussed. It was agreed to adopt the name “Greenspace Watch”.
– The issue of cost awards levied against the Friends will be addressed pending the further assessment of costs on April 11.
– Regarding the OMB appeal about the Airport lands, it was confirmed that Cheryl would prepare for a meeting with Erwin, Sol and David Morrow.
– Appointment of new Directors – Erwin and Alicia were nominated. Cheryl moved their acceptance. Sol seconded. Carried.

5. Treasurer’s Report
– Motion: to reimburse Cheryl for paying the post office annual fee of $152.55 incurred on Jan 18 2011. Janice moved. Erwin seconded. Carried.
– Motion: to reimburse Cheryl for $78.77 for photocopying related to Official Plan Amendment 76 incurred on December 20 2010. Janice moved. Erwin seconded. Carried.
– Alicia agreed to check the mail at least once a week.

6. Changes to the promotion and administration of the GA list serve
Erwin had sent Board members a number of proposed changes, supported by the other Moderators and the Web Master. He moved to accept his proposals. Sol seconded. Carried.

7. Wildlife Festival at Billings Bridge Shopping Centre on Saturday March 26 and Sunday March 27.
Ways to recruit volunteers and produce handouts were agreed upon.

8. Future plans
– Meeting with David Morrow tentatively set for March 7th.
– The designation of Ottawa parks is an issue FGA should get involved in.

9. City Budget
FGA will not make a submission this year but Amy will write to CAFES to lend FGA’s support to the letter in support of re-instating rebates of campaign contributions.

10. Other Business
– Amy reported on FCA business. Discussions were held on the Urban Boundaries and the Convent Lands.
– Erwin will attend the next meeting and report on the recent cost awards against FGA.

The meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.