General Meeting – 30 January 2014


Greenspace Watch

General Meeting

January 30, 2014

Hintonburg Community Centre

1064 Wellington Street West

K1Y 2Y3


Members present: Erwin Dreessen (chair), Amy Kempster, Nicole DesRoches, Jason Kania, Ian Whyte, and Elina Elnione (note taker)

Guests: Laurie and Kyra McCannell, Marjorie Milloy

Regrets: Sol Shuster, Juan Pedro Unger

The meeting commenced at 7:15 p.m.

1. Adoption of agenda

Agenda adopted as proposed.

2. Administration items

a. Minutes of December 18, 2013

Nicole moved, seconded by Jason, to approve the Minutes of December 18 as circulated. Approved.

b. Action items from the Minutes

List serve – mailing has failed this month, Jason is working to fix it.

MEC Grant and Web site – Erwin is suggesting to include:

incorporating tools for letter writing campaigns

developing a guide on how to publish to the web site

setting up a searchable archive of listserv postings

providing more content in the French language

develop recruitment strategies

membership renewal system

He will meet with Jason to discuss the web- and email-related items. Up to three letters of endorsement can be added. Sol is working on drafting one. The deadline is March 12.

Research proposal to OETN – agreed in principle. Their Steering Committee will discuss it again in February.

FCA meeting – We will host the FCA meeting of April 8. Elina will provide drinks and cookies.

Municipal election 2014 – We will meet with FCA and Ecology Ottawa on February 19. Erwin distributed a preliminary “agenda”.

c. Treasurer’s report

Ian moved, seconded by Nicole, to pay $194.36 for P.O. Box renewal to Erwin. Approved.

Ian moved, seconded by Nicole, to pay $5.00 for Mountain Equipment Membership renewal to Erwin. Approved.

Erwin donated $20 for the printing of his business cards.

d. Membership report

Jason moved, seconded by Amy, to accept the Deschenes Residents’ Association, (represented by Howard Powles) as a new member. Approved.

3. Promoting Greenspace Alliance

Erwin tried out an 8-minute promotional presentation about the Greenspace Alliance (8 slides), prepared by Juan Pedro, Sol and himself. It was acknowledged as successful and approved to be used in public events. The presentation will be used in the next FCA meeting.

4. “Dump this dump 2” presentation

Members of “Dump this Dump 2” provided a presentation highlighting some facts and the main issues.

What is “Dump this dump 2”

Comprised of community members from Carlsbad Springs and surrounding areas, “Dump this Dump 2” aims to stop the building of a garbage waste facility proposed by Taggart Construction and Miller Waste Systems (TC & MWS).


City of Ottawa is responsible only for residential waste. Commercial waste which counts for 70% of all waste is serviced by private companies. There is 1 landfill site operated by the City and 3 operated by private companies. TC & MWS argue that their primary intention is to build a recycling site and the landfill site is necessary to financially enable the construction of the recycling site.

Reasons for objection

The three private landfill sites currently use only 50% of the yearly capacity limits

The ground consists of a very saturated clay and thus, bearing capacity is very low in the area

Adjacent to the site is a significant woodlot

There are mature woods on the site

City of Ottawa criticized the terms of reference for the environmental assessment

The proposed lining for the protection of environment will cover only sides of the pit, not the bottom that would result in leakages

According to municipal laws in case of waste leakages landfill owners have to buy the polluted property. “Dump this dump 2” believes that this law is beneficial to the developer

Current stage of the development

TC & MWS is working on the Environmental Assessment Report. They would need to change zoning in order to facilitate a landfill site.

5. Road through Stony Swamp – Notice of Completion / Part II Order request

Nicole moved, seconded by Amy, that subject to examination of Environmental Assessment Report we will send in a Part II Order request that the Ministry choose the Fallowfield option; in the alternative, that mitigation be strengthened. Approved.

6. NCC Urban Lands Master Plan: Update

In progress.

7. Confirmation of agreements made by email:

a. Ontario land use planning and development charges submissions (Jan 10) – Approved.

b. Letter to MMAH and Media Release re OPA 150 (Jan 26) – Approved.

8. Brief reports

a. NCENNetwork meeting Jan 13 – discussed the Stream Watch program within the Rideau River watershed.

b. FCA meeting of Jan 15 – Gary Sealey made a presentation about insurance coverage against bad decisions made in good faith. NOTE: Next FCA meetings are Feb 10, Mar 19, Apr 8, May 12 and June 30.

c. Workshop on evidence-based conservation (Carleton U.) was held today. Several Alliance members attended. Report to follow.

9. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.


Next meeting will be at the Hintonburg CC on Thursday, February 27, 2014, starting at 7:15 p.m.