General Meeting – January 28 2019


Greenspace Watch

General Meeting


January 28, 2019

Hintonburg Community Centre

1064 Wellington Street West

K1Y 2Y3


Members present: Paul Johanis (chair), Erwin Dreessen, David McNicoll

The meeting commenced at 7:20pm. No quorum was achieved but attendees agreed to discuss the topics and keep informal notes.

  1. Adoption of the agenda

The proposed agenda was agreed upon.

  1. Administrative items

a. Minutes of the November 26, 2018 meeting (for approval)


c. Treasurer’s report


f. Association reports

Paul attended and reported on the FCA general meeting of January 16 and on the Ecology Ottaw Youth Climate Ambassador program in which we will participate. Erwin reported on the FCA event of January 9 on the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal and signalled a new contact from the Ottawa Eco-Talent Network

  1. Policy instruments

a. Development charges, 2019

Erwin gave a brief update and referred to January 15 GA list posting he made.

b. January 9 meeting with Stephen Willis, General Manager, Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development

This meeting was initiated by GA member Daniel Buckles, who also champions trees in CAFES and as part of Big Trees of Kitchissippi. It was organized thanks to Councillor Jeff Leiper. Heather Pearl on behalf of the FCA and the Champlain Park Community Association and Paul Johanis attended on behalf of the GA. In addition to Stephen Willis, there was very good City management representation with John Smit, Martha Copestake, Amy MacPherson, Charmaine Forgie, Leanne Snedden,  and senior managers from Infrastructure and Forestry. The topic of discussion was means of protecting urban trees in both the short term and the long term. A summary of the conclusions of the meeting can be found here.

c. Report on January 4 briefing by John Smit/Alain Miguelezr re: the Official Plan review

Erwin reported on a briefing he received as part of the FCA governance committee regarding the broad approach and time frames for the new Official Plan review. The public launch will be at an Open House on March 4.

d. Ontario Bill-66 submission 

The GA made its own submission in regard to the proposed Bill 66, specifically in regards to Schedule 10. (Post-script: Schedule 10 was subsequently withdrawn by the provincial government.)

e. Review of Ontario Endangered Species Act

Another EBR notice was issued regarding the 10 year review of the Ontario Endangered Species Act. Deadline for comment is March 4. Paul to coordinate response.

f. Consultation on changes to the Planning Policy Statement and Planning Act

Erwin will be engaged in this process through the FCA Governance Committee.   

  1. Threats

a. Rural greenspace

i. Nothing to report

b. Major urban greenspace

i. Centenary Elm on Parliament Hill

We have heard that a centenary elm and many other mature trees on Parliament Hill may be cut down as part of the Centre Block renovation project. We will investigate and try to protect and preserve this very visible high profile greenspace.

ii. Kanata Golf and Country Club development proposal

Paul will be meeting the new Kanata North councillor Jenna Sudds on this subject on January 29. Paul reported that he obtained valid copies of the 40% greenspace/60% development agreement entered into in 1981 by the former City of Kanata and Campeau Corporation.

 c. Other greenspace

i. The Hunt Club Riverside and Kilmorie developments were discussed and David brought up some planning issues regarding Southminster Church on Bank St.


The Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.