Strategic planning session, 13 January 2007

Greenspace Alliance Strategic Planning Session

January 13, 2007

Location: George Wilson’s home

Present: George, Erwin, Joseph, Theresa, Janice, Carol, Juan Pedro, Chris, Amy, Ron

Regrets:  Bill

Started:   10:15 AM

Section 1:

1. Welcome, overview and assignment of Chairs for each Timekeeper: George. Agreed to perform agreement by consensus. A card and greeting from Lorne Peterson was read and circulated by Erwin.

2. Approval of Agenda.  Approved.

3. Celebrating Success (Chair: Carol)

i)  Our rational, informed, negotiated approach is helpful in terms of attracting people who want to “make things happen.”

ii)  We were successful in getting our “suggested” changes to the Official Plan implemented.

iii)  We worked well with other groups on projects such as the environmental report card, Leitrim and the NCC Mandate Review.

iv)  City Hall elected representatives respect us.

v)  The plant sale was a success.

vi)  Our policy-level interventions have been successful.

vii) Poet’s Hill has been inaugurated.

4. Goals

i)   Advocate for sensible land use.

ii)  Be a source of information and advice on land use and greenspace concerns.

iii) Become a much larger organization for political clout.

iv) Continue with site-level intervention to “keep our feet on the ground” (easier to garner public support).

v)  Try to be more pro-active in identifying environmentally sensitive areas.

vi) Support other organizations and communities.


Section Two: (Chair:  Carol)

5. Limitations to Success

i)  We are considered a “cerebral” group – intimidating. (We need to incorporate “lighter” stuff like Poets’ Pathway.)

ii)   We don’t translate our more complex successes into everyday language that all can understand.

iii)  We need a resident reporter I newsletter I regular press releases to get the word out on what we are doing.

iv)  We are up against developers who have lots of power and resources.

v)   We have not been successful in our fights to protect specific sites.

vi)  We lack social I educational activities.

vii)  We have limited presence in Quebec.

viii) We lack people, money and don’t provide sufficient support to new members.

ix)   We lack a rural presence (could use the FCA to address this).

6. Communications

i)   Social gatherings related to our activities, fundraising, seasons.

ii)  Quarterly newsletter (with feedback from project leaders)

iii)  FCA – could be a vehicle for connecting with environmental committee contacts of local community associations.

iv)  FUN – another vehicle for advertising our activities.

v)   Who will be Communications point person?

vi)  ACCURACY of communications is vital!

7. Poet’s Pathway

i) Very good for bringing in new members.


Section 3: (Chair – Juan Pedro)

8. Prioritizing Activities

Communications (Web site, newsletter, press releases, election scorecard)

Membership and Fundraising

Wetlands, Flood plains, forests … (along with other groups)

Policy and Planning (OP, Zoning by-laws)

10-year anniversary ideas (activities leading up to October 2007)

Gatineau/Outaouais OP review

Poets’ Pathway


Section 4: (Chair – Janice)

9. Fundraising and Memberships


We have 50 members.  Aim to double.  One suggestion was 1,000 members at only $5 fee.

We still need to work on membership fee amounts and membership types.

We may consider board screening of new members?

Mentorship I shadowing for new with established/senior members.

Keep us in the weekly, community newspapers.

Update membership form to include checkboxes for area of interest and intended involvement.

Study demographics as in location within Ottawa for possible “chapters” or community association involvement.


Do the plant sale again!

Silent auction.

Always push for donations (donation box at events, every time someone renews, etc.)


Meeting adjourned:  2:05 PM ish

Notes drafted by Theresa Jobateh, January 17, 2007