Chicago updates its 2006 Nature and Wildlife Plan (2011)

Chicago proves once again to be in the forefront of major cities promoting environmental awareness:
“In 2006, the Mayoral Nature and Wildlife Advisory Committee and the Chicago Department of Planning and Development (now the Department of Housing and Economic Development) developed the Chicago Nature and Wildlife Plan as a 5-year plan to improve conditions for nature and wildlife in the city. The Plan was adopted by the Chicago Plan Commission. It was produced in response to the ground-breaking 1999 Biodiversity Recovery Plan created by Chicago Wilderness for the greater Chicago region. The Chicago Nature and Wildlife Plan aims to implement regional biodiversity goals within the city.

The Chicago Nature and Wildlife Plan Update 2011-2016 reviews progress since the original plan and sets priorities for the next five years.”

The (undated) report (1.9 MB) sets out four goals, with priority actions under each.

See also an Assessment of Chicago’s Urban Forest (1.7 MB), published by the US Department of Agriculture in 2010, based on work performed in 2007.

ED, 8 July 2014