Conservation Action Planning

The Algonquin-to-Adirondacks Collaborative held a webinar on June 6, 2017, available here.  Total length:  1:13:26.

A-to-A Executive Director David Miller starts off with an introduction — What makes A-to-A so special?  For any area it always is the starting point of a Conservation Action Planning (CAP) project. (0-6m)

Jarmo Jalava, of the Carolinian Canada Coalition, explains the ins and outs of CAP, also touching upon IUCN CMP Standard Classifications and Classification of Direct Threats. (6-40m)

Megan Ihrig, of A-to-A, explains the A-to-A Lens and demonstrates various mapping tools now available.  She hopes that their Trillium-funded project will guide local conservation action planning. (40-54m)

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