Other first reactions (Nov 2014 – Jan 2015)

+ Leslie Maitland, then-President of Heritage Ottawa, published “60 Acres to be Carved from the Central Experimental Farm, a National Historic Site of Canada,” November 4, 2014

See also letters from Heritage Ottawa to Messrs. Baird and Kitts,  December 18, 2014

+ Julie Harris wrote, also on the Heritage Ottawa web site, “Central Experimental Farm’s Management Plan Should be Respected,” November 5, 2014

+ A statement by Heritage Canada The National Trust, “The National Trust Expresses Concern for Future of Central Experimental Farm,” November 7, 2014

See also a Letter to Minister Baird from Heritage Canada National Trust, November 18, 2014 and Media Release, “The National Trust Urges Federal Government to Revisit Transfer of Central Experimental Farm Lands,” November 19, 2014

+ An op-ed piece by Peter Anderson in the Ottawa Citizen, “Protect the Experimental Farm,” November 13, 2014

See also Peter Anderson’s blog and his article on ActiveHistory.ca, “Vacating Science and Forgetting History at the Central Experimental Farm,” November 20, 2014

+ Steph Willems in Ottawa Community News, “Community concerned by Civic Hospital plan,” November 13, 2014

+ Sammy Hudes and Melissa Bouchard in Centretown News, “Farm supporters worry about its future,” November 28, 2014

+ The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, which is a member of the Farm’s Advisory Committee, wrote to Minister Baird on December 12, 2014.

+ The Ottawa Food Policy Council wrote to Dr. Kitts and other officials and politicians, December 15, 2014

+ Alan Freeman on iPolitics, “When heritage space meets pork-barrel politics,” December 21, 2014

+ Phil Jenkins mentioned the announcement in a column in the Ottawa Citizen, December 28, 2014

+ On January 6, 2015, the Ottawa Citizen published a long piece by Tom Spears on the Mulligan family’s connection to the Experimental Farm; with video.

+ Message of the President of Friends of the Farm, in the group’s Winter 2015 Newsletter.

Also found on the Friends’ web site: “Success Stories from the Fields of the Central Experimental Farm,” n.d.


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