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Poets' Pathway



A walking path around Ottawa,
the Confederation Poets and
the Mouvement litt

 Into the stilly woods I go,
Where the shades are deep and the wind-flowers blow,
And the hours are dreamy and lone and long,
And the power of silence is greater than song.

W.W. Campbell

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The Poets’ Pathway Committee was formed as a committee of the Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital. In January 2007 its co-chairs became Jane Moore and George Wilson.  As of May 2009, Jane became sole chair.


When Steven Artelle, then-chair of the Poets' Pathway Committee, initiated the Ottawa Literary Heritage Society in May 2003, the Committee became a joint committee of the Society and the Alliance. In December 2006, Steven resigned as co-chair of the Committee to devote all his energy to the Poet's Hill project. For a while the Poets' Pathway again became a committee of the Alliance only but increasingly the Committee found its own feet and in 2011 it was incorporated.

For current events, comments, suggestions, visit the Poets' Pathway Forum!

For further information, please visit the Pathway's own web site at contact Jane at 613-723-6196.

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