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Consultation on land use planning and development charges (January 2014)

2014 Provincial Policy Statement

Greenspace Alliance comments on the draft new PPS (2012)

New Provincial Policy Statement (2014)

Ontario Budget Bill also amends 69 statutes (2012)

From the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights Registry (EBRR) (Dec 2006 – Aug 2007)

+ A Proposed Modelling and Scenario-based Approach for Identifying Natural Heritage Systems in Southern Ontario

+ Wind Power Proposals: Potential Impacts to Birds and Bird Habitats

+ Proposed regulation on source protection committees — Clean Water Act, 2006

+ Management Strategy for Double-crested Cormorants at Presquile Provincial Park (Decision)

+ Proposed ban on the incineration of tires

+ Review of the Endangered Species Act

+ Proposed Codes of Practice on Environmental Assessments

Comment on Ontario Code of Practice for Class EA Assessments (2007)

Ontario’s Ministries not up to the Job: Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (2007)

Provincial wetland policies – a report card (2007)

Reform of the Ontario Municipal Board >>

Municipal election reform

Endangered Species regulations (2013-2017)

Bill 73 – amending the Development Charges Act and the Planning Act

Wetlands Conservation policy review

Conservation Authorities Act review

Aggregates policy review

Municipal legislation review

Waste-Free Ontario