Our Team


Board of Directors:

Paul Johanis, Chair & Treasurer
Nicole DesRoches, Vice-Chair
Bruce Lindsay, Membership chair
Amy Kempster
Jason Kania
Juan Pedro Unger

Recording Secretary: Ben Christy

Webmaster and List Serve “Owner”:

Jason Kania

List Serve Moderators:

Erwin Dreessen, Juan Pedro Unger, Paul Johanis, Jason Kania

Committee Chairs:

Fundraising: Janice Seline

Alliance Representatives or Liaisons:

FCA Governance Committee: Erwin Dreessen
Site Alteration By-law: Iola Price
Friends of Leitrim Wetland: Sol Shuster, Erwin Dreessen
Poets’ Pathway: Jane Moore
Common Ground: Joseph Potvin
Domtar lands: John Almstedt
CFB Rockcliffe: Al Crosby
Conservation Committee, OF-NC: Paul Johanis

Past Chairs:

Shelley Parlow (1997-2000)
Erwin Dreessen (2000-2002)
Bill Royds and Amy Kempster (2002-2005)
Carol Gudz (2006)
George Wilson (2007)
Cheryl Doran (2008)
Joseph Potvin (2009-2010)
Amy Kempster (2011-2012)
Erwin Dreessen and Nicole DesRoches (2013-September 2016)
Paul Johanis and Nicole DesRoches (September 2016-May 2017)

Contact Information:

Postal address:

P.O. Box 55085
240 Sparks Street
Ottawa, ON K1P 1A1




613-513-8372 (Paul Johanis)