Hunt Club Pine Plantation  (2021)

Proposed Embassy Row on SJAM Parkway (2021)

Tree protection in the Parliamentary Precinct (2019)

LRT Extension through the Greenbelt and Beyond (2018)

Goulbourn Wetlands Complex >>

Chalk River radioactive waste disposal facility (2017)

Kanata Lakes North (KNL)

Clear-cutting in Kanata Lakes: Letter and Petition (2017)

KNL’s application for an “overall benefit” permit under the ESA (2016)>>

South March Highlands Urban Expansion Area (Area 2) — 2015 and 2017 public meetings

Chaudière Islands

Order-in-Council on land transfers (December 2017)

Chaudière Islands: A letter (26 Jan 2016) & updates

Ottawa on-side with Windmill (October 2014)

Kanata North Urban Expansion Area (Area 1)

Tree cutting incident of July 2014 and its aftermath (2014 – 2015)

Greenspace Alliance appeals OPA 173 and location of Stormwater Pond (2016)

*Outcome of our appeal: A settlement and a loss

(For the settlement part, please go here and scroll to 8 Dec 2016 & 27 Sep 2018)

Road ecology

Road through Stony Swamp (2014 – 2015; 2021)

Save the Central Experimental Farm (2014-2021) >>

*The NCC’s appeal of the 2003 Official Plan