New threat to the Central Experimental Farm (2023)

Tewin Tree Massacre (2023)

Tree losses continue unabated in Ottawa (2022)

Hunt Club Pine Plantation  (2021)

Proposed Embassy Row on SJAM Parkway (2021)

Tree protection in the Parliamentary Precinct (2019)

LRT Extension through the Greenbelt and Beyond (2018)

Goulbourn Wetlands Complex >>

Chalk River radioactive waste disposal facility (2017)

Kanata Lakes North (KNL)

Clear-cutting in Kanata Lakes: Letter and Petition (2017)

KNL’s application for an “overall benefit” permit under the ESA (2016)>>

South March Highlands Urban Expansion Area (Area 2) — 2015 and 2017 public meetings

Chaudière Islands

Order-in-Council on land transfers (December 2017)

Chaudière Islands: A letter (26 Jan 2016) & updates

Ottawa on-side with Windmill (October 2014)

Kanata North Urban Expansion Area (Area 1)

Tree cutting incident of July 2014 and its aftermath (2014 – 2015)

Greenspace Alliance appeals OPA 173 and location of Stormwater Pond (2016)

*Outcome of our appeal: A settlement and a loss

(For the settlement part, please go here and scroll to 8 Dec 2016 & 27 Sep 2018)

Road ecology

Road through Stony Swamp (2014 – 2015; 2021)

Save the Central Experimental Farm (2014-2021) >>

*The NCC’s appeal of the 2003 Official Plan