The Coalition’s Part II Order Request under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act

In July 2006, the Carp River Coalition submitted a Part II Order Request under section 16 of the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act. The CRC’s cover letter and brief are attached. For these and several other related documents (including cover and follow-up letters to the Minister), please visit John Almstedt’s web site.

The Coalition’s key objections are:

  • modifications to the main channel of the Carp River are subject to the Drainage Act;
  • application of a 2-zone flood plain policy under the Planning Act has not yet been approved and has even not yet formally been proposed;
  • the flow characteristics and flood level analysis reports are woefully inadequate and unreliable (Del/Brookfield/Westpark lands not considered; significant model deficiencies);
  • as a result, the adequacy of most designs for road crossings over watercourses is uncertain;
  • the restoration plan has an incorrect scope (it should include the rural reach to past Carp Village) and its assessment as a Class EA project is not appropriate.

A follow-up letter was sent on July 27.

Ottawa River Keeper on its own and Ted Cooper also filed Part II Order Requests regarding the Restoration Plan.

On July 21, 2008, the Minister issued an Order.

For an excellent article about the controversy by Patrick Dare, see The Ottawa Citizen of September 9, 2006.