Country Lot Estates

Development Adjacent to Rural Natural Features (OMB Decision, 2006)

Settlement of the Alliance’s appeal of the 2003 OP (Dec 2006)

Rideau Forest Phase 7 (2006-07)


For more information on Country Lot Estates, please visit:

Rural settlement strategy (Mar 2007 – Jun 2008)

Greenspace Alliance comments on last April’s proposals (Jul 2008)

Greenspace Alliance comments to Council (Jun 2009)

OMB Decision on Country Lots and Villages (Oct – Nov 2011)

Almost all new Country Lot Subdivisions now prohibited — Council, November 26, 2013 (incl. information about the Cavanagh parcels)

Now that Council approved the new Official Plan: How did the environmental agenda fare? (Dec 2013)

Municipal Election 2014 (elected candidates’ responses to our Proposition on CLEs)