Leitrim Wetland

Introduction and background (2006)

Rezoning for Phase 2 of Findlay Creek approved (Oct 2006)

Second rezoning for Phase 2 of Findlay Creek Village approved (Feb 2007)

OMB dismisses our appeal (hearing – May, 2007; decision – Jun 2007)

Application for Judicial Review of OMB’s Decision (Nov 2007)

Court declares the application moot (Feb-Oct 2008)

Developers, City demand over $72,000 in court costs (Nov 2008)

Court decision on cost awards (Dec 2008)

Leave to appeal cost award (Dec 2008 – Mar 2009)

Debate of the City’s policy on cost award claims (Nov 2008 – Feb 2009)

Council approves cost award policy (Feb 2009)

… and repeals it (Sep 2011)

Application for a Permit to Take Water (Dec 2007)

Action Alert (Nov 2007 – Jan 2008) (incl. backgrounders on wetland drainage and Blanding’s Turtles)

Leave to appeal the PTTW to the Environmental Review Tribunal (Mar 2008)

Motion to dismiss the Leave to Appeal application fails (Jul 2008)

Appeal of “last” short-term Permit abandoned (Oct 2008)

Yet another PTTW application (Dec 2008)

Application for a 10-year Permit to Take Water (Jul 2008) – incl. 2nd Action Alert, 7 October 2008

Friends of Leitrim meet provincial officials (Mar 2009)

Appeal of the 10-year PTTW (May – Aug 2009)

Appeal settled (Mar 2010)

Findlay Creek developers charged and fined (Oct 2007 – Jun 2010)

Comments by the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (Sep 2010)