Ottawa Official Plan review 2007-2012

… leading to OPA 76

Scope and timing of the review (Apr 2007)

Official Plan discussion papers (Oct 2007)

89 Questions… and Answers

Population projections (Sep-Nov 2007)

Guides to land use planning in Ontario (anno 2007)

Should the urban boundary be pushed out?

Rural settlement strategy (Mar 2007 – Jun 2008)

Transportation Master Plan review (Feb – Sep 2008)

Next stages in the review of Ottawa’s Official Plan (Apr – Nov 2008)

Greenspace Alliance comments on last April’s proposals (Jul 2008)

Final staff proposals for Official Plan, Infrastructure Master Plan (Nov 2008)

Greenspace Alliance comments to Planning and Agricultural Committees (Nov 2008)

Greenspace Alliance comments to Council (Jun 2009)

[Council approved OPA 76 on June 24, 2009. Ministerial Modifications were issued on December 24, 2009.]

OMB appeals of OPA 76

OMB Decision on Endangered Species (Dec 2010)

OMB Decision on Airport and Employment issues (Sep 2011)

OMB Decision on Country Lots and Villages (Oct – Nov 2011)

       OMB Decisions on Flewellyn Special Study Area, including follow-up reports (2011-2016)

OMB Decisions on the Urban Boundary (Jun 2011 – Aug 2012)