Ontario’s Ministries not up to the Job: Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

On April 24, 2007, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Gord Miller, released a special report, “Doing Less with Less,” saying the Ministries of Environment and Natural Resources are “starved of funding for core functions.”

This will not come as news to anyone who has tangled with these Ministries or with MNR’s poor cousins, the Conservation Authorities.

The report documents how MOE and MNR’s mandates have expanded but their operating budgets have declined since 1992 (only recovering slightly since 2000).


ECO – 2007 doing less with less

The Backgrounder (5 pp.)  [article no longer online]

Remarks by Gord Miller at Cambrian College, Sudbury

The full report (83 pp.)

Article in the Ottawa Citizen, 25 April, 2007

Erwin Dreessen