Current Issues / Ottawa City Hall

OPA 150 and its aftermath (including Development Charges)

Road ecology

Airport Parkway widening

Road through Stony Swamp

LEAR (agricultural lands) Review

Budget (2015-2018)

Employment Lands Review

Employment Lands study (1)

Employment Lands study (2)

Urban Forests

Redefining “significant woodlands”

*Urban Forest Management Plan

Kanata North Urban Expansion Area (Area 1)

Tree cutting incident of July 2014 and its aftermath

Greenspace Alliance appeals OPA 173 and location of Stormwater Pond

*South March Highlands Urban Expansion Area (Area 2)

Kanata Lakes North (KNL)

KNL’s application for an “overall benefit” permit under the ESA

KNL’s application (EBR 012-6270) and Background

The Greenspace Alliance’s submission

Further developments; Permit granted

Clear-cutting in Kanata Lakes: Letter and Petition

*Leitrim Wetland: Remer and Idone lands

Remer lands: Zoning By-law Amendment application

*Carp landfill

Water rate structure review

At Environment Committee, May 19, 2015

The Greenspace Alliance’s submission (May 19, 2015)

The City’s new proposals and decision (October 2016)

What Waterloo, Victoria and Halifax are doing

ECO calls on the Province to lead stormwater funding reform

About rain gardens and road run-off

CFB Rockcliffe redevelopment

Brief to Ottawa’s Environment Committee (2015)

Wildlife protection: Beavers are our partners

Wildlife Strategy

Wildlife Protection Protocol during Construction

Ottawa’s Urban Turtles

Blanding’s Turtles in the Greenbelt (~LRT)

Turtle sightings at Lester Road

*Building Better and Smarter Suburbs