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LRT Extension through the Greenbelt and Beyond

Preparing for a New Official Plan: Beyond 2036 >>

City of Ottawa Budget 2018

OPA 150 and its aftermath (including Development Charges) >>

Site Alteration By-law

Term of Council Priorities (2015-18)

Urban Forests

Redefining “significant woodlands”

*Urban Forest Management Plan

Kanata North Urban Expansion Area (Area 1)

Tree cutting incident of July 2014 and its aftermath

Greenspace Alliance appeals OPA 173 and location of Stormwater Pond

*Outcome of our appeal: A settlement and a loss

South March Highlands Urban Expansion Area (Area 2) — 2015 and 2017 public meetings

Kanata Lakes North (KNL)

KNL’s application for an “overall benefit” permit under the ESA >>

Clear-cutting in Kanata Lakes: Letter and Petition

Goulbourn Wetlands Complex

Road ecology

Road through Stony Swamp