Links maintenance

1 December 2010

Four years after this effort began, I finally made a systematic (manual) check of these links.  Most links for the Autonomous Voluntary organizations were still fine, a few needed updating, one had to be deleted — the “Save Ontario’s Species” page on the Environmental Defence web site appears to no longer exist.

Most links in the other categories remained operative as well.  Some were updated.  The links to the various parts of the Ottawa Official Plan have been reworded.  MNR’s Ottawa Community Stewardship Centre seems to be no more.

Overall totals in the overview posting have been adjusted.  Completing this check was far less work than anticipated!

I hope these links will continue to serve as a resource for all.


2 January 2016

As part of the transfer to our new site, all links were checked and updated where necessary.  The following organizations seem to have disappeared (sometimes a very old web presence remains):

Alba Wilderness School | Carp Ridge Society | | City Repair / Imagine Ottawa | Friends of the Jock River (see link to a news item) | Ottawa’s Great Forest web site (but updated PDF has been added | Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists – Ontario Region | Wetland Habitat Fund.

As before, the names of these organizations have been retained in the list — fossil-like.

As before, the government sites needed the most rejigging.

The following organization has been added: Carp Ridge Learning Centre.  The Forest Conservation Portal has come back to life!  There also is a link to the old OFGAC site, archived.

27 March 2018

Most of the content of the Greenbelt Coalition’s web site has been incorporated in the Greenspace Alliance web site, so the link now is to that section of our site.

The fossilized mention of the Great Forest web site has been removed.

The news article about the Friends of the Jock River was to a Metroland edition.  Whether Metroland’s web site has been archived remains to be determined.

11 May 2021

All links have been checked.  Few updates were required, mostly related to the change from http: to https:, or else government sites which, as before, needed the most rejigging.

Some organizations that had been fossilized came back to life.

13 January 2023

All links have been checked. Some name changes have been reflected. Some links had to be updated. “Aux Arbres, Citoyens” has come back to life!  The Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists no longer has a separate Ontario identity. The Stewardship Network Ontario is no longer. The Official Plan links for Ottawa have been completely revamped; the links to the previous OP have been maintained (for deep research). I could no longer find a link to “All Zoning By-laws.” Katherine Foster’s <Wild.Here> has disappeared.

Erwin Dreessen