AGM of November 18, 2010

Friends of the Greenspace Alliance
Annual General Meeting, 18 November 2010
Conservation Co-op, Ottawa.

Present: Joseph Potvin, Amy Kempster, Janice Seline, Sol Shuster, Edelweiss D’Andrea, Cheryl Doran, Joan Spice, Alicia Reckzin, Al Crosby, Erwin Dreessen

1. Welcome and agenda: Joseph welcomed the attendees and outlined the agenda for the meeting, which was accepted.

2. Report from the Chair: Joseph read from the Annual Report 2010.

3. Treasurer’s report: Janice reported the balance sheet and income statement of the organization for fiscal year 2009-10 (attached). Janice moved that the financial reports be accepted. Erwin seconded. Unanimous.

4.Elections: Cheryl and Sol comprised the nominating committee. Amy accepted to act as Co-Chair, with the recommendation that a second Co-chair be sought from the Quebec side of the National Capital Region, in order to maintain representation. Janice accepted to continue as Treasurer. Cheryl and Sol accepted to continue as board members. Chris Szpak has expressed an interest in becoming involved with the Board, however his availability may become an issue over the next year. Thanks were expressed to Joseph for his work as Chair this past year, and to Christel Woodward and Eric Cousineau for serving on the board. Thanks were expressed to Edelweiss for organizing the AGM panel discussion, and to Alicia Reckzin for catering the food.

5. Other business: Payment of the following expenses were moved, seconded and approved:
a. Payment of $30 to the Receiver General of Canada for filing of corporate summary. Moved by Janice, seconded by Sol. Passed.

b. Replacement of lost cheque for $500 to South March Highlands – Carp River Conservation Inc. Moved by Janice, seconded by Sol. Passed.

c. Payment of $127 to Cheryl to reimburse her payment to Eco-Justice for the filing of a Divisional Court Motion against cost award re the Official Plan Amendment 77 appeal. Moved by Janice, seconded by Sol. Passed.

d. Payment of $145 to Amy to reimburse AGM food expense. Moved by Janice, seconded by Sol. Passed.

e. Payment of $65 to Amy to reimburse AGM speaker gifts. Moved by Janice, seconded by Sol. Passed.