Board meeting – 19 February 2009

Greenspace Alliance of Canada,s Capital
Minutes of the In Camera Meeting held 19 February 2009
Champlain Field House, 149 Cowley Avenue

Time: 9:30 – 10:45 pm.

Members present: Cheryl Doran (chair), Chris Szpak (minute taker), Erwin Dreessen, Barry George, Amy Kempster, Joseph Potvin, Ron Rancourt, Janice Seline, Sol Shuster, Mikelis Svilans, Brittany Taylor.

The following motions were considered:

1. Erwin D. moved and seconded by Sol S. to transfer all the monies in the Alliance account (including the GIC), minus $200, to EcoJustice. Carried with one abstention.

2. Joseph P. moved and seconded by Amy K. to place all the content of the Alliance’s website under a “free/ libre,, license. Carried.

Action: Janice S. will carry out the first motion; Joseph p. and Ron R. will fulfill the second motion.