General Meeting – 14 December 2006

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital
Minutes of General Monthly Meeting of December 14, 2006
Champlain Field House

Present : George Wilson (Chair), Amy Kempster, Theresa Jobateh (Minutes taker), Ron Rancourt, Carol Gudz, Josepth Potvin, Erwin Dreessen, Chris Szpak, Juan Pedro Unger

Regrets : Janice Seline, Bill Royds, Thomas Kapler, Daphne McCree, Al Crosby.

The meeting commenced at 7:08 p.m.

1. Greetings

2. Review of Revised Agenda
Move website up, new items under Continuing business, rezoning, new item under new business

Amy moved to adopt agenda. Seconded by Chris.

3. Approval of MInutes of November 16 meeting
Reminder of protocol that draft minutes are ready within one week and distributed to directors and members present at the meeting. The week after that the second draft is posted on the Web.

Request by Erwin: To not use the “GACC” acronym. Use “Greenspace Alliance “ or “Alliance” instead, or “GA” as shorthand for internal purposes.

4. Membership Report
Erwin moved that the Board approve Barbara Barr as an Associate Member. Seconded by Amy.

5. Treasurer’s Report
Presented by Amy. There was discussion about the year end statement. Amy advised that audited statements will be ready for the next meeting.

ACTION: Amy will follow up the person providing the statements

There was discussion about the possibility that Janice would follow through on her offer at the AGM to take on the Treasurer role if Amy was not able to carry on in full capacity.

ACTION: Amy will follow up with Janice.

Motion: That the board approves if someone makes a donation to the Alliance on behalf of a member, that the Alliance will send a card to the person mentioning the donation but not the amount.

Moved by Amy, seconded by?

ACTION: Juan will locate remaining copies of GA Christmas cards.

Signing authority: Amy moved that we add George’s name as signing officer. Chris seconded.

6. Web/Email and Communications Protocol proposal
Ron presented from his document circulated earlier in the week. There was much discussion about the site, forums and the nature of the Web in general.

George moved to pilot test esp. the forums for the next couple of months. Seconded by Erwin.

(see on-line summary at [page deleted]

7. Continuing business
a) Blandings Turtle – Comments about coverage in the Citizen. BF to another meeting.

b) Raw Sewage in river issue – Joseph gave an update, presenting newspaper articles, etc. It was suggested that River Keeper take a leadership role and the Alliance would support.

c) Leveraging Property Tax System. Joseph presented ideas and approach via a forthcoming Op Ed piece identifying the “root cause” of problems like sewage in river. It offers ideas to help city pay for repairing problems. Agreed that the byline would state that Josept is a member of GA.

d) Rezoning challenges

i) Rideau Forest Country Lot Subdivision. Erwin presented an update and suggested the Alliance monitor and do an intervention in the future.

ii) 4798 Bank. Not much the Alliance can do except comment when the item comes to planning Committee.

iii) 6701 Suncrest & Greely Village. Erwin suggested we watch/monitor

iv) 3180 Albion Road and Sawmill Creek flood plain issue Erwin suggest to let it go.

Proposal: that GA form a development monitoring group to watch city notices and take action on issues for followup with city hall. To be discussed at planning meeting of Jan 13.

e) OMB Appeal – country lot estates.

There were discussions about the proposal that GA and FCA have presented to the city’s lawyer. Hearing would be held after Jan 16, 2007.

f) Strategic Planning session

Still planned for January 13 at George’s.

8. Announcements
a) Community Foundation information session: Erwin attended & offered a set of presentation printouts for those interested. He suggest to see their website for details of what they require for grant applications.

Erwin proposed an action plan for strategies on how foundations could fund the Poet’s Pathway but the plan was not discussed at the most recent Poet’s Hill meeting.

b) Rockliffe Development open house update

George spoke of Al Crosby’s representation on behalf of the Alliance. Amy suggested Janice be the alternate since she resides in that area.

c) Update from the Poet’s Hill committee meeting of Dec 12, Steven Artelle made a formal announcement that he resigns as co-chair of Poet’s Pathway committee. It appears that Beechwood Foundation / Poet’s Hill is distancing from the PP endeavour and the partnership with GA. Erwin will continue as interim chair of PP until someone else wants to take on the role.

ACTION: George / attending members agreed that GA should wait until delivering a formal response to the apparent severing of the relationship. GA will maintain a supporting role of PH but will also continue with pieces of PP project.

9. New Business
a) Proposed letter to Ottawa’s new Mayor / Council. Agreed to BF to January strategic Planning session then sent letter from the Chair.

b) Other business: City Budget

ACTION: Chris will pick up information on the city’s budget. Amy suggested to esp. look at the capital budget.

10. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 PM

Next meeting : January 18, 2007