General Meeting -17 March 2005

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital

March 17, 2005 Meeting

Champlain Park Field House – 7:30 pm

Draft Minutes


Chris Szpak (chair), Bill Royds (minute taker), Erwin Dreessen, Amy Kempster, Juan Pedro Unger, Daphne McCree, Bill Grant, Ken McRae, David McNicoll

1. Call to order – Adoption of the agenda

2. Approval of Minutes of January & February meetings

Correct spelling of Daphne McCree.

3. Membership / Treasurer’s report

4. Previous business

a) Greenspace Master Plan response: Bill Royds to ask Peter Campbell to head a committee for response.

b) Official Plan appeals: NCC date June 6, Urban Boundary April 15.

c) Kanata Special Study Area appeal: Report by Chris Szpak. Waiting for decision by Makuch re dismissal. Letter to Tim Marc by Amy Kempster.

d) KNL appeal & Plan of Subdivision appeal: Motion to appeal Plan of Subdivision M/S Bill Royds/Amy Kempster. Bill to write motion.

e) Leitrim (Aperdev development): M/S Bill/Amy to approve letter to planner subject to trvisions. Bill to write letter.

f) Update on the “Poets’ Pathway” campaign: Beechwood Cemetery support with monument at end of year. Proposed presentation to NCC. M/S Amy Kempsater/Daphne McCree that we participate.

g) Wildlife Festival: April 1-3 at Billings Bridge. M/S Amy/Bill that we allot $100 to expenses for Wildlife Festival.

5. New Business

a) Meeting with Ed Broadbent; Letter to MPs and follow-up: Propose press release when Broadbent agrees.

b) Presentation to the NCC for May:

c) Road through wetlands in Goulbourn: Ken McRae, March 23, 6:30 pm, Canadian Golf and Country Club.

d) Membership on new zoning by-law PAC: Nominate Daphne McCree as GA representative. M/S Amy/Erwin.

e) Greenbelt land changes: Gershon Rother. Leased to Orleans Golf Academy. Juan will ask for the engineering environmental report.

f) Earth Day participation: M/S Amy/Daphne.

g) New PPS:

h) Colonnade Road: Bill will comment.

i) Urban Lands study: March 29.

6. Adjournment.