General Meeting – 18 September 2008

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital
Minutes of General Monthly Meeting of September 18, 2008

Upstairs at 232 Old Chelsea Rd

Prior to the business portion of the meeting, the Alliance hosted “Discussion in Chelsea of the Agro-Residential Development Model”

Guest speakers:

Juniper Turgeon and Alex Mackay-Smith, Organic Farmers, La Peche. Juniper and Alex led an informal discussion about learning to be successful at urban, semi-rural, and rural organic agriculture. More:

Sean McAdam, Developer of the Old Hendrick Farm, Chelsea led an informal discussion about his preliminary concept for agro-residential development on the Hendrick Farm land. More:

Business portion of the meeting started at 7:40 PM

Members present: Cheryl Doran (Chair), Theresa Jobateh (Minutes Taker), Erwin Dreessen, Amy Kempster, Janice Seline, Barry George, Joseph Potvin.
Guests: Robert Chaffers, Lisa Mibach
Regrets: Bill Royds, Sol Shuster, Chris Szpak

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Adoption of Agenda

Motion: Amy moved to adopt the agenda with one addition under new business. Theresa seconded.

3. Approval of Minutes from July and August

This will be brought forward to the October meeting.

4. Business Arising from Minutes of August 21, 2008

a) Carp River/Kanata West

Erwin reported that the Carp River Coalition will soon be consulted by Greenland Engineering as part of the Council-ordered Third Party Review.

b) Leitrim Wetlands update

Erwin reported on the following:

i) We should know the status of the application for leave to appeal an earlier Permit to Take Water (PTTW) shortly after October 14th.

ii) The ten-year PTTW application has been amended. This gives the public and Friends of Leitrim Wetland another opportunity to comment — until October 16th.

Action: Erwin will provide contact information to the GA list so that members can write in to the MOE.

iii) The court date for the Judicial Review of the OMB decision dismissing our appeal has been set for October 2 and 3. The City of Ottawa and Tartan claim the issue is moot due to a recent comprehensive zoning bylaw – one that we didn’t appeal because we were appealing the same provisions already.

iv) There is an invoice to be paid and will be addressed in the Treasurer’s report.

c) Development Charges Advisory committee

Amy reported that the contact did not originally have her correct email address to which to send notices. The issue has been corrected. The meeting dates have been set to September 19, October 23 and November 21.

d) Greenbelt Coalition

Amy reported that the Coalition had its first meeting and is planning for the second one in one or two weeks.

Action: Amy will forward meeting notes to the GA Board members.

5. Discussion Items

a) The Poets’ Pathway heritage grant request to the City of Ottawa

Action: Cheryl will ask Bill Royds to re-circulate the draft letter so the Board can review and approve via email.

b) Preservation Chelsea


c) AGM

November 20th has been set as the date for the Greenspace Alliance’s Annual General Meeting. The members present discussed who would be good candidates for guest speaker.

Action: Amy and Cheryl will coordinate the contacting of chosen speakers.

Action: Erwin and Theresa will form the beginnings of the Nominating Committee, contacting existing Directors and potentially new ones for interest in joining the Board.

Action: Theresa will confirm the meeting room booking.

c) Federal wetland removal & destruction of the SAR habitat and the APMP studies

Cheryl, Amy and Chris Szpak went to Ottawa City Hall to speak with officials about the issue of a demolished beaver dam causing improper drainage of the wetland.

Action: Cheryl will contact the MOE about a rehabilitation plan.

6. Membership report

Janice reported a new member application.

Motion: Janice moved to approve the membership application of Lisa Mibach. Amy seconded.

Action: Janice will send a renewal reminder email to members prior to the AGM.

7. Treasurer’s Report

Amy reported that she will update the accounts in preparation for the review of accounts to be presented at the AGM.

Motion: Amy moved to approve the reimbursement of $71.19 to Sol Shuster. Erwin seconded. All in favour.

Amy noted that we would bring forward to the October meeting an approval of expenses incurred by Joseph Potvin in acquiring the space for tonight’s meeting.

8. New Business

Lisa Mibach provided a presentation on the Deschênes boisé: giant wetland pools that absorb river flooding, all five Alvar environments, over 200 species of birds, migratory flyway and nesting ground. This area has recently been rezoned for high-density housing. Alliance members provided feedback and offered advice on how to obtain support for recognizing this land and preserving it.

Action: Lisa will send wording of candidate questions and petition wording to Cheryl Doran (GA Chair) who will forward to the group.

9. Adjournment

Amy moved to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 PM.

Next meeting: October 16, 2008. AGM will be November 20th.