General Meeting – 19 April 2007

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital
Minutes of General Monthly Meeting of April 19, 2007
Champlain Field House

Members present: George Wilson (Chair), Theresa Jobateh (Minutes taker), Janice Seline, Amy Kempster, Daphne McCree, Joseph Potvin

Regrets: Bill Royds, Ron Rancourt, Erwin Dreessen, Carol Gudz, Juan Pedro Unger, Chris Szpak.

The meeting commenced at 8:00 p.m.

1. Welcome

2. Adoption of Agenda with a few new items.
Moved: Daphne. Seconded: Amy.

3. Approval of minutes of March 15.
Moved: Theresa. Seconded: Amy.

4. Business arising from minutes of March 15th meeting.
Action: Amy will follow up on the separate account for the Leitrim fund and other account transfers.

5. Membership Report presented by Janice
a) New member Doug MacDonald has applied for membership.

Moved to approve: George. Seconded: Amy.

b) Commenting that Fenja and Irwin Brodo’s application is not a renewal. Confirming they are new associate members.

6. Treasurer’s Report presented by Amy
Amy gave an update on the balance, the Kanata account and status of Leitrim appeal donations.

7. Discussion items
a) (i). Urban Natural Features. Amy provided an update on this issue. She made an observation about waterfront areas that should b put in a separate zoning category in next official plan. She will ask Bill or George to attend a meeting with her and Krista Burgess.

Action: Amy will work out possible dates for the meeting.
Moved: Amy. Seconded: Janice.

(ii). Urban Natural Features Strategy meeting coming Tuesday, April 24. The city of Ottawa has identified priority areas for protection / acquisition, based on the budget available. Amy recommends that GA supports this strategy.

Action: Amy will ask Bill to attend with her
Moved that GA makes a presentation in support of this strategy and note regret that not more areas could have been included.
Seconded: Daphne.

b) New Web site.

George provided a brief update and commentary on the new web site going live. There were compliments to Ron (in his absence) from various members attending.

c) May 13 Plant Sale

Janice provided an update on up-coming activities. Members were invited to Albert Dugal’s for a garden plant digging party set for April 28. She requested commitments for volunteers on the digging date and the day of the sale.

8. Items for Brief Discussion
a) Eco -Fair on April 21st at RA Centre.

George provided an update stating that he, Carol, Daphne and Janice would be volunteering.

b) Poets’ Pathway Committee

George provided an update mentioning the social event with Jane Moore’s inlaws. Clive Doucet had mentioned he would get a motion at City Council in principle to support the PP. The PPC will work on their strategy. They are preparing to approach community associations. Amy suggested a presentation at a Federation of Community Associations meeting. The next PP event will be at Britannia.

c) Position of GA Communications Director

George provided an update on JP’s recent and difficult decision to resign from the role of CD. George is open to new ideas. BF for later discussion.

d) Champlain Park cleanup on April 29.

Moved by Amy that George sends a call for volunteers to the GA list. Seconded: Theresa.

e) OMB Leitrim Hearing on May 22

It is understood that Erwin and Carol are looking after this.

f) GA representative re: rural features of city

Amy is on the list of planned attendees. She requested that others with rural issues background also attend.

g) Comments on Flood Plain amendment

Amy provided an update. The GA comments were late. Amy will likely attend the Planning Committee meeting.

Observation: Amy commented that the GA needs a procedure for members of the executive to react to mail list items that should have comments from members. Amy offers mentoring for those who want to be involved. Joseph and George suggested tapping into contacts at Ecology Ottawa.

h) Brewer’s Creek

Joseph provided an update on the Canoe Kayak Canada proposal, jointly under development with Economic Development Gatineau, to make this area into “Parc Sport-Ecologique de Gatineau”.

The city is taking steps to enhance the creek as a natural feature; there are funding proposals for the ecological outreach to schools. Joseph is exploring the heritage aspect and will send an update to the GA list.

i) Joseph provided an update on the National Capital Trails network.

9. New Business
a) Official Plan, Transporation Planning Committee meeting April 24th.

Amy provided an update and made mention regarding the PPS (Provincial Policy Statement), which will be checked by the environmental review. The main other areas to be covered are an Urban Development Strategy and a Rural Development Strategy. Not much mention was made in the report re public consultation and none was envisioned before the white paper procedure. Amy felt that the public should be involved as soon as possible and asked for authority to present this view. She also recommended that the GA Board obtain a copy of the report on the OP from the web, especially regarding public consultation and try to attend as well to have a say.

b) Sustainability Fair at Beacon Hill.

Daphne mentioned this is happening June 2nd and that tables are available.

10. Adjournment
Moved: Daphne. Seconded: Joseph.

The meeting was adjourned shortly after 10:00 PM.

Next meeting : May 17th 2007.

Theresa Jobateh, Co-Secretary