General Meeting – 19 March 2009

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital
Minutes of the General Monthly Meeting of 19 March 2009

Champlain Field House, 149 Cowley Avenue

Started: 7:15 pm.
Members present: Sol Shuster (Chair), Chris Szpak (minute taker), Barry George, Janice Seline, Mikelis Svilans, Chris Woodward.
Regrets: Erwin Dreessen, Cheryl Doran, Amy Kempster.

1. Welcome and Introductions.

2. Adoption of the Agenda:

Motion: Chris W. moved and seconded by Chris. S. to adopt the Agenda as amended. Carried.

3. Approval of the minutes of previous meetings:

Motion: Chris S. moved and seconded by Janice S. to approve the minutes for the 19 February 2009 general meeting. Carried.

Approval of the minutes for the 15 January 2009 general meeting was deferred.

4. Membership Report:

Nothing new to report.

5. Treasurer’s Report:

Janice S. reported on the current balance in the Alliance’s accounts.

6. Business Arising:

a) Official Plan Review: the Alliance’s OP Review Subcommittee is preparing a submission on the proposed OP amendment to a combined special meeting of the City’s ARAC and PEC to be held April 3 – 6.

b) Leitrim: the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) is considering a request by the developer to draw more water until the appeal process is resolved. The Alliance’s next steps will depend on the MOE’s decision.

c) Poets’ Pathway: Chris W. presented an update on the Pathway. The Poets’ Pathway group has received a grant for $5,000 from the City Heritage Committee. Some of this money will be used to create a website and to construct commemorative plaques along the pathway. A reading presented by “slam” poets is planned for sometime in April-May to raise more funds.

d) Upcoming Fairs: the Alliance will have exhibits at the Wildlife Festival (April 18) and EcoFair (March 18).

Motion: Barry G. moved and seconded by Mik. S. to approve the registration fee of $50 for EcoFair. Carried.

7. Discussion Items:

a) Alliance Website: Ron R. is currently re-structuring the website.

b) Memorials: the Poets’ Pathway group are planting a tree in memory of Bill Royds. There was discussion what would be appropriate memorials from the Alliance for Bill and, as well, for Kathy Nihei (formerly of the local Wild Bird Centre).

c) Inter-provincial Bridge: it was re-iterated that it was too early to have a discussion on the proposed bridge. It was suggested that the Alliance host special presentations by proponents and/or by those in opposition.

8. New Business: no new business was brought forward.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Next Meeting scheduled for: 16 April 2009