General Meeting – 20 August 2009

Friends of the Greenspace Alliance
Minutes of the General Monthly Meeting of 20 August 2009
RA Centre Fieldhouse Restaurant

Started: 7:15 pm.

Members Present: Mik Svilans, Cheryl Doran (chair), Amy Kempster, Janice Seline, Eric Cousineau (notetaker), Chris Woodward, Joseph Potvin

Regrets: Sol Shuster

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Adoption of the Agenda

Motion: Mik moved, seconded by Janice, to adopt the agenda. Carried.

3. Treasurer’s report:

Motion: Janice moved, seconded by Eric, to close any non-FoGA account other than the general account at Desjardins Credit Union.

Janice reported that the Friends of the Greenspace Alliance has been incorporated with Industry Canada under file number 451239-1.

4. Discussion Items

a) AGM Plans

The annual meeting will be on October 15th. Everyone was reminded to extend invitations to interested parties on behalf of the Friends of the GA to our Annual General Meeting.

Action: Cheryl to write an invitation for the GA list et al., to the AGM in October.

b) Cheryl’s draft letter to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Several corrections were made around the table and Amy asked for more time to review the document.

c) Agro-Residential update

Motion by Joseph, seconded by Amy, that we write a letter to the Québec government to explore the potential for agro-residential zoning.

d) STO’s Transportation Plans and their impact on the NCR

Motion: Joseph moved, seconded by Chris, that a meeting be set up with Councillor Bédard to discuss Ottawa’s next step to support National Capital Region L.R.T.

5. Meeting was adjourned at 9:39 pm