General Meeting – 21 September 2006

Greenspace Alliance Of Canada’s Capital
Meeting Minutes for September 21, 2006

Champlain Fieldhouse, Ottawa Ontario

Present: Thomas Kapler (Chair), Erwin Dreessen, Janice Seline, Daphne McCree, Amy Kempster, Theresa Jobateh (Recording secretary)
Regrets: Carol Gudz, Bill Royds, Chantal Vicha

Meeting commenced at 7:40 PM

1. Review of Agenda: Two items added

Approval of Agenda: Moved: Erwin . Seconded: Amy . Carried.

2. Minutes from August 17 meeting: reviewed, one item corrected (#6)

Moved to approve Minutes: Janice Seconded: Erwin. Carried.

3. Membership report – Janice

– one new membership application from the Ottawa Botanical Society. Janice moved to approve. Daphne seconded. Carried
– two renewals

Not many more have renewed since the email reminder to the list. Expecting more prior to and at the AGM.

4. Communications

a) Mail – Theresa noted that any P.O. Box mail received is summarized in updates to the list@. Members are encouraged to check the Yahoo! list or contact her for more details on items mentioned.

b) Mailing list @ – There was discussion regarding the mailing list and follow-up issues. Thomas will follow up with Bill.

c) Community forum “Imagine Ottawa” – Greenspace Alliance will have a table. There was discussion re notifying / reminding members via the m@iling list to attend and volunteer at the table if they can.

8. (Jumped to) AGM

a) There were discussions re the next date in the week of November 13th, the location and possible guest speakers.

b) Nominating Committee – discussions re volunteers for the NC. Daphne and Erwin agreed to be on the NC. Janice moved. Theresa/Amy seconded.

c) Amy will prepare at least a preliminary unaudited statement.

d) Carol or Bill to be asked to prepare a “Chair’s report.”

5. Plan of activities

There was discussion about a planning session to take place in October before the AGM. Thomas motioned to have one in the downtown area the weekend of October 14 or 21st. He will make arrangements for the location.

6. Newsletter – deferred

7. Web site

There were discussions regarding a easy to use / edit mock-up that is ready for test, major progress on Ron Rancourt’s part, protocol, policy, etc. Defer to planning session.

8. (see earlier)

9. Change to time / day of meetings

There were discussions about changing the day and time of meetings, possibly alternating between Thursday evenings and weekends. There was consideration that the Fieldhouse is available to us for free while other locations may not be.

10. Environmental Stewardship Network

Due to communications difficulties, hampering progress, Thomas will continue to develop concepts. Deferred.

11. OP Appeal – Country Lot Subdivision policies

There were discussions regarding options and approaches with regard to this outstanding appeal item.

12. Leitrim Wetlands

Erwin provided an update on the status. Rezoning for Tartan’s Phase 2 was approved by Planning Committee on September 12. In order to have standing in an OMB appeal, the GA needs to send a letter to Council by September 27, stating reasons why council should vote against the proposal. He will attend a meeting of the Friends of Leitrim on Wed 27th. Erwin offered to write a letter that will draw upon Albert’s letter. Amy moved. Janice seconded. Carried.

13. Carp River Floodplain/Kanata West

No news.

14. Update on Poets’ Pathway / Poet’s Hill

Erwin circulated the program of the September 13 inauguration of Poet’s Hill at Beechwood and posted for view Janice Kennedy’s September 10 Citizen article. On related topics, he reported that, on September 12, Planning Committee had approved the setting in motion of Amendments to protect the view of Parliament Hill from the Poet’s Hill and Tommy Douglas sites; amendments to certain rezonings in connection with the Beechwood Community Design plan were also approved for that purpose. He mentioned that the Poet’s Pathway Committee is looking to recruit more members. Finally, Erwin sought concurrence for the Poets’ Pathway Committee to make a presentation to the NCC Review Panel – registration required by October 16. Moved Janice. Seconded Daphne. Carried.

15. Coalition for NCC Renewal

Some updates from Erwin. More to be discussed at next meeting.

16. Treasurer’s Report

Amy presented a report. She motioned that GA pay Ron Tolmie up to $100 for travel re Kanata Lakes appeal. Daphne seconded. Carried.

17. Zoning Bylaw

Amy commented on the up-coming zoning changes for greenspace, wetland and woods. She recommended GA make a submission asking for an overlay for Rural Natural Features. She will make a submission on behalf of GA. She will post an alert to the list@ so members can check the city site.

18. Brownfield report

Erwin circulated a copy of the Brownfields Redevelopment Community Improvement Plan (63 pp., August 2006). It is available from the city planner, Joseph Phelan, or he welcomed members to contact him for a copy. It is on Planning Committee’s Agenda of October 26.

Amy moved Adjournment. The meeting ended at 10:30.

Next meeting: October 19, 2006